Friday, March 25, 2011

Target Is Suing Desperate Homosexual Group Lurking Outside its Stores

Gay rights for everyone whether they want them or not. We're wondering of the government is helping these pests out with funding? Homosexual pressure groups have been fact finding and canvassing on behalf of the normalization of the things they like to do. They've even gotten the White House involved in their antics by creating a false flag operation to convince Latin American countries, cynically to vote for their UN Resolution.

Now their aggressive proselytizing has gotten them in legal trouble. That's probably the last thing anyone wants to be thinking about when they've got to go to Target to purchase an item. Of course, homosexuals are vindictive as a group and they will undoubtedly retaliate by refusing to shop at Target.

Target is making some nasty headlines for itself once again in its apparent attempt to embrace a policy of indiscriminate discrimination. In recent years the big box superstore has settled multiple discrimination lawsuits with former employees (racial and/or disability discrimination) to make it seem as though the company just hates all people. Perhaps Target is meant to be pronounced with a French accent after all.

But in the past year, Target has gone on the offensive. Last July, the Minneapolis-based company made a 6-figure contribution to purchase campaign ads for anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Following an uproar from employees and the media, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized. The company struck a deal with Lady Gaga to sell a deluxe limited edition run of her upcoming album, , due out in May. But Gaga backed out earlier this month citing Target's insensitivity to the LGBT community, having no assurances that Target wouldn't continue funding political candidates with anti-gay agendas.

Now Target is suing a group San Diego pro-gay marriage activists to stop them from canvassing -- or talking to patrons about gay marriage -- outside its stores, specifically the Poway location. The lawsuit was filed on March 8. Target was denied a temporary restraining order against between Target and Canvass for a Cause by the San Diego County Superior Court judge. The trial was set to begin today. But, once again, it's not an anti-gay thing, Target assures.

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