Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Satan's Navy: UK Ship on Last Rescue Mission Before Scrapping

No, it's not the Black Pearl, it's not Charon's barge, it's a relatively modern ship of the Royal Navy, cruising to the aid of British nationals in Benghazi Libya. MI-6 Agent Aleistar Crowley would have been so pleased, but what would Nelson have thought? Here's the story as told by the 'American Spectator.'

[American Spectator] The present Cumberland also made the headlines when, in obedience to the diktats of political correctness, a Satanist chapel was installed to accommodate the proclivities of a Satanist crewmember. No, I am not making this up -- it is not exactly a cheerful thought that in the new, non-discriminatory Royal Navy a Satanist might get his finger on a certain red button. (By way of contrast, I toured one of the last British cruisers, HMS Tiger, some years ago. The sentence in polished brass letters on the ceremonial rum-cask: FEAR GOD; HONOUR THE QUEEN, stuck in my mind.) The phrase "What would Nelson have said?" has been used in so many headlines to stories about Naval cuts and other scandals that it has become a cliché, but in this particular case it seems a reasonable question.

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