Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Man Sentenced to Ten Years of Prison for an Abortion

Editor: someone's going to suggest that the Doctor wasn't actually sentenced for murdering his child but for endangering the life of his illicit sex partner, presumably to keep the information from his wife and colleagues. So be it.

This in from another poster on another forum:
Actually, abortion is illegal in Germany, even if many people (including Germans) don't know this.
The German Constitutional Court has decided (in a "reverse" Roe vs. Wade ruling), that legal abortion is unconstitutional. Unfortunately, after that ruling, German politicians have invented a system of "crime without punishment", meaning that abortion is still illegal, but (under certain circumstances) not persecuted. In this case the abortion would have been punishable, because the conditions of non-persecution were not existing. However the court obviously decided to go for an attempted murder ruling.

Germany in 2007 a married German Doctor 41 wanted to abort his child with a another woman at home. He mixed blood thinner in her tea, in order to induce a premature birth. Because of nasal and bleeding gums the mother went into the hospital. There the doctors noticed the life threatening low blood pressure and managed to save the her but not her child. On Monday the Court of Coburg condemned the Doctor to ten years of prison and 20,000 Euros damages, for attempted murder. The condemned man has challenged the deed to the last and will appeal the case.

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