Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gradeschoolers Are Corrupted with Porn in English Schools

Editor: Why worry about the Catholic Church abusing your kids when the British Educational System and Government will do it for you? There are some concerns coming from parents and associates of the 'Christian Institute'. Some of the photos can be seen at This is sex abuse being presented under the guise of education. There are even some examples of child pornography. Why a five year old needs to know these sorts of things, even in England, is unclear, but many parents are justifiably angry and trying to opt out of this program.

Despite children being unprepared for this sort of thing, at least as far as some of the experts are concerned, homosexuality gets special mention:

Prof Almond, commenting on the materials highlighted in The Christian Institute’s report, warned: “There are comic-book-style pictures of different sexual positions, cartoon explanations of masturbation and orgasm, and crayoned drawings that are supposed to explain the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality — with anal sex getting a special mention.”

Sex education resources should be licensed to ensure they are age-appropriate, an MP has said, following concern among parents about “inappropriate” materials.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments come in the same month that a report by The Christian Institute highlighted shocking resources being pushed by public bodies for use in schools.

One such resource encourages primary school pupils to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution.

Mrs Leadsom, the MP for South Northamptonshire, asked if the Education Secretary Michael Gove was “aware of the great concern of some parents about the inappropriate material being shown to their five-year-old and seven-year-old children under the guise of sex and relationship education”.

She added: “Will he take steps to start a licensing regime to ensure the material being shown is age-appropriate?”

Education Minister Tim Loughton replied, saying he shared some of her concerns. He noted the current Government review into personal, social and health education, of which sex and relationship education “is a key part”, and said he would “welcome” the MP’s “further input into the review”.

Mr Loughton also commented: “It is crucial that whatever we do should be age-appropriate”.

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  1. Why do educators think they have any business discussing sex with anyone's child?

    Any adult who so much as thought of discussing sex with my child should keep their running shoes on at all times.

  2. We require educators to teach our children in usual matters like mathematics, physics, english and foreign languages, etc... that were taught in schools for centuries. Seing how the children's education has declined during the last decades, I believe the teachers would be well advised to focus themselves on these matters instead of sex education for which I sincerely believe that they are not so skilled as they may claim.
    As a father of 5 kids I am more confident in relying on myself in that respect.

  3. The fact of the matter is, your Archdiocese has programs of sex education which will also destroy your child's innocence.

  4. Tancred! Really? That is bad. What do they call those programs? Are they teaching them through diocesan schools? We home school and have never had any dealings with schools.

  5. Here's the link: