Monday, February 14, 2011

WANTED! Bishop of Fulda Seeks Priests for 'Old Mass'

Heinz Josef Algermissen to priests:  "I would be grateful, if one or more of you could learn this Mass, in order that the faithful who wish it can enjoy the celebration of the Eucharist in the extraordinary form."

Fulda ( Heinz Josef Algermissen, the Bishop of Fulda, has encouraged the learning of the extraordinary form of the Mass through a current letter to the priests of his Diocese.  "In order to meet the desire of the faithful  with the celebration of the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form, I wish to request something of you:  I would be thankful, if one or more of you could learn this mass in order that the faithful who wish it, to hear the Mass in the extraordinary form," wrote the Bishop in a recent correspodence to

Algermissen recalled the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of 7. July 2007, with which Pope Benedict XVI had freed up the celebration of the "Old Mass" and also, that the Holy Father who was concerned for the unity of the Church, who also lifted the excommunications which were incurred when Society of St. Pius X Archbishop Lefebvre engaged in forbidden consecrations in1989.

Algermissen wrote then, that there has been an "Old Mass" Indult allowed in his Diocese since 2003 and that presently it is being celebrated in the Diocese of Fulda and in Kassel as well.  For that reason six priests are needed some of whom will serve as replacements for various reasons  (Age, health) for those priests who can no longer say the Mass.  "Please understand this proposal as an opportunity to help fulfill the desires of the Holy Father", wrote Algermissen at the end to his priests.

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