Friday, February 25, 2011

+Hubbard Gushes over Pro-Homosexual Cuomo: Vatican admonishes Cuomo over communion |

Father Z makes an apt comparison from I, Claudius, here.

Albany's +Hubbard is one of the worst Bishops in the Church, possibly even more evil than Bishop Cawcutt.   +Hubbard is a hard core, homosexual enabling, negligent, liberation theology advocating promoter of collectivism and, now as always, public wickedness:
[WIVB] The Vatican was questioned after the governor recently received communion at a mass in Albany. Bishop Howard Hubbard never challenged him to reform. He issued a statement, saying it's unfair and imprudent "to make a pastoral judgment about a particular situation without knowing all the facts." However, local Catholics see both sides.

Earl Newman said, "I think Catholics around the world listen to the pope. He carries a lot of weight. And if the governor is living in sin, he should be condemned."
 +Hubbard goes on to attack those finding fault with Cuomo's public scandal mongering, asserting that his detractors have dirty minds, but perhaps the biggest reason +Hubbard defends Cuomo is that he has been a supporter of the legitimization of sodomy.
Vatican admonishes Cuomo over communion |

Hubbard Defends Cuomo

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