Monday, February 21, 2011

US Catholic is Curious about SSPX's Dilemma

I'm a bit puzzled by the SSPX on this one. It seemed to me likely that they would have been given a situation similar to the Anglican ordinariate, with freedom to do pretty much what they pleased, if they would just admit that the teachings of the Second Vatican Council are authentically Catholic. Did they really think that the pope was going to say that Vatican II was in error?



Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

Considering the source of this "conclusion" I would not believe a word of it.

Dan Hunter said...

The Holy Father knows that the FSSPX is authentically Catholic and that the Society believes that the Second Vatican Council was an validly convened ecumenical council. They, like many of us, just want several points of several of the documents explained in the light of the what the Church has always taught.

My uncle is an FSSPX priest and he and other Society priests have told me that Bishop Fellay will accept an apostolic administration if the Holy Father offers it.
Also Pope Benedict XVI can unilaterally regularise the FSSPX,with one stroke of the quill, and then everything of interpretation can be ironed out after.
The faithful that frequent FSSPX chapels need to go to confession and need the Church to supply jurisdiction for this.

And after all, Fr Feeneys "Slaves of the Immaculate" are fully regularised and they don't even believe in a de fide teaching of the Church: Baptism of Desire and Blood.
And the Holy Father does not expect them to.

Why doesn't Pope Benedict XVI regularise the FSSPX?
Bishop Fellay is waiting.