Friday, February 4, 2011

Nine-year old girl shocks grandfather after puberty talk at Catholic school

Editor: Remember, they'll get to you through your children.

A grandfather whose nine-year-old granddaughter asked him if he was concerned about the size of his genitals days after a "puberty talk" at a Catholic school is shocked at the age at which children learn about puberty.

He said children were losing their innocence too early.

But the principal of St Paul's School in Massey, West Auckland, said a public health nurse at the optional "mother and daughter" evening spoke only about puberty and the associated changes, and did not talk about penis size or go into any sexual detail.

The grandfather said he became alarmed when he overhead his granddaughter telling her younger brother about what she had heard, including that some boys were worried about the size of their genitals. She then asked her granddad if he was concerned.

H/t: MichaelNZ

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