Friday, February 25, 2011

Cardinal Brings Iraqi Catholic Family into Archepiscopal Palace

Edit: Charity begins at home.

The family belonged to some 31 Iraqi Christians who were taken in by the Austrian government.

 Vienna ( "A warm welcome in this house, a warm welcome to our Land, Austria":  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn greeted an Iraqi refugee family to the Archbishop's Palace.

The family belongs to some 31 Iraqi Christians, who have been taken in by the Austrian government. They have received a positive asylum determination and have received recognized refugee status.

The Chaldean-Catholic family from Kirkuk, which will reside in the Archepiscopal Palace had been acutely threatened in Iraq, explained the Viennese Archbishop in "Kathpress".  He condemned in any avent the attack against the Church in Baghdad a few months ago in which more than 60 Mass goers lost their lives. It was therefore just and necessary that the government's decision was made to take in the Iraqi refugees.

Schönborn said:  "For years the government has essayed to be active in this direction.  Till then I have kept my ears to the ground and listened intentively.  Now things have finally come to pass and for that I'm very thankful."

The Church has always insisted upon assisting the refugees with their plight.  The Cardinal stressed that the families were encouraged in this to live in Austria and even learn German, so that they at least soon land on their own feet.

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