Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vatican official speaks of a 'strategy of reconciliation' with Pro-Abortion Women Religious | NCR

Why do they always make concessions to these people? Perhaps it's because they have no intention of really addressing the problem. With all the caterwauling from trendy elder religious, you'd think they were being sent packing without bread or crip. But anyway, if history has taught us anything, it's that concessions to such people are always fruitless. If US Women religious want to be infelicitous social workers, they should do that and not pretend to be legitimate Roman Catholic religious.

Once again, heterodoxy, financial mismanagement , material participants in abortion, religious indifferentism, misrepresentation and the like are not the most serious things of which you can be guilty.  This is incredible, really, in light of all of the charges which can be leveled at this collective body of very unfaithful Brides of Christ:

A number of leaders of women’s congregations have said to me that they’ve been surprised by the depth of anger and hurt that exists among the sisters. I think that can’t be ignored. It has to be addressed, it’s a sign of the times

Vatican official speaks of a 'strategy of reconciliation' with women religious | National Catholic Reporter

When they've been pushing for socialism and the murder of innocents as Sister Carol has, you really have to marvel at the gall of these women, and the fact that despite the part they've played in the destruction of the Catholic Church worldwide, if not just in the USA where this visitation is taking place, but here they are crying for preferential treatment as if they're owed something for doing a bad job, doing the exact opposite of the things that they are professed to do and being treated with kid gloves all the while... amazing...


  1. Because they are weak.

    Because the souls of the children these nuns lead into the abyss are not on their radar.

  2. This is of course Tobin saying that.

    The man agrees with these "nuns" he like descent and tension between Rome and local Church. He has stated as much in the past.

    I am going to assume that his recommendations to the Holy See will be ignored.