Friday, December 3, 2010

Swiss Pass Tougher Immigration Law

The ruling against new Minarets was greeted in the world press with horror and the almost universal cry of a return to Hitler and "fascist" from the editorial page of every newspaper in the world.  Now the UDC has voted for the deportation of foreign criminals and that same press is up in arms again, although there is still much talk about the guilt of white victims, it cites the issue from Daoudal blog, here:

The Swiss people approved, by a majority of votes (52.9%) in a majority of cantons (20 out of 26), the UDC's proposition on the automatic expulsion of foreign criminals. 

Here's an analysis at Gallia Watch, here.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich has further cemented his contact with Hispanic voters by his own conciliatory approach to immigration, and Catholicism. [He converted to Catholicism recently]

But other politicians aren't so conciliatory.  It's a real problem, especially in dealing with the Muslims as one Austrian politician here vehemently declares:

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  1. Just when ya think Europe is dead, the corpse takes another breath.