Monday, December 6, 2010

"I Think That the Jewish-Western Culture as Such, Doesn't Exist"

 The Green Party of Germany's jokesters boggle the mind:  they are laying the ideological foundations for the planned final solution against Christians.

Cem Özdemir
( On the 25th of November Dr. Hans Penner  (79) wrote the Turkish President of the 'greens' Comrade in Germany, Özdemir (44).

This was reported on his Website ''.

Özdemir resigned in 2002 because of a corruption scandal as a member of the German Bundestag.

Penner is from West Prussia, a Professor at the Univerity Sigmaringen in Nutrition and director of the Information Center of the National Scienct Advisor for Nutrition in Karlsruhe.

He put the following question to his Green Comrade:  "Do you think, actually, that Islam can be integrated in the Christian-Western Cutlure, which has brought about in Germany this high standard of living?"

On 3. December the answer came from the  Özdemir-office.  They were published by an intern Leon Schettler:

"In the name of  Cem Özdemir I'm responding to your letter of 25. November 2010 in which you ask, if Islam can be integrated in the Christian-Western Culture" -- began Schettler.

Then he began, to think:  "I think that the Christian-Western Culture as such does not exist."

It is conceved for Schettler and the aforementioned  Özdemir only as a construct, "to close other groups out" -- concluded Schettler of a possible abuse of a non-existence.

The Religion of Islam is very compatible with German Constitutional Law -- "A fundamentalistic interpretation and call for violence on the other hand, not."

The important question, if the Religion of Islam or German Constitutional Law in any case are only "constructs", did not occur to the intern.

He also did not explain what a "fundamentalist interpretation" is, rather he was busy pulling a fast one on non-existent Christians:

"This is valid also for Christian fundamentalism, because just as citations from the Koran are cited as a call to violence, there could also be similar citations taken from the Bible"  -- joked Schettler.

Because he'd come off so well in his joke, the prankster and his fundamentalist comrades just couldn't resist a closing joke:

"We  [fundamentalistischen] Greens are for religious freedom and civil equality and against fundamentalism of every kind."

© Bild: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Flickr, CC

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