Sunday, December 19, 2010

Europeans Can Only Dream of Such Bishops

 The new Archbishop of Oklahoma wouldn't even be a court jester in a decadent European Ordinariat.
Msgr Paul Stagg Coakley

( Pope Benedict XVI. has named Paul Stagg Coakley (55) as the new Archbishop of Oklahoma City in the US State Capital of Oklahoma.

The newly named Bishop was the Bishop of Salina in Kansas.

He studied at the University of Kansas.  There he was a student in the "Integrated Humanities Program" of the legendary convert and Literature Professor John Senior († 1999).

Senior moved many students to conversion through his lectures at the State University as well as to entrance in the Cloister and the Seminary.

 After finishing studies in Kansas the the future Bishop journeyed to the traditional Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgambault in France.

For a time he occupied himself with the thought of entering there.

In the year of 1978 he entered finally a seminary in the USA and was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Witchita Kansas.

In October 2004 John Paul II named him Bishop of Salinas.

During the presidential year of 2008 Msgr Coakley explained:

"To vote for such  a candidate, who supports an evil like abortion or genocide,  would be just as much a necessary moral outcome, as simply ignoring such shortcomings."

Msgr Coakley also explained that the current Vice President of the US, Joe Biden, has distorted the Catholic teaching on abortion.

The abortion politician is an "annoyance for others" and was conducive to "the justification of a tremendous moral evil".

The election of Barack Obama he called, "an indisputable irony".

He maintained that Obama has denied an entire class of people their legal rights as citizens.

The naming of Kathleen Sebelius to US-Health Secretary in March 2009 was an occasion which he described as a "serious attack on the rights of conscience and our efforts to protect innocent human life."

In the following April, he expressed his "deep disappointment" over the invitation of President Obama to the allegedly Catholic University of Notre Dame:

"The Invitation by the University undermines the Catholic Identity and Mission of this institution" -- said Msgr Coakley firmly.

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  1. What has any of this to do with the "European Ordinariat"?

  2. Guck mal,

  3. A rather ignorant, seperatist Roman Catholic - glad we don't have to bother with him in Europe - we have enough problems of our own in the Catholic Church.

    1. The dying words of a malicious serpent, no doubt.