Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catholic Serviceman Unjustly Imprisoned for Defending himself Against Community Organizer

Editor: A white male with a normal sexuality is attacked and drugged by a paunchy bear-like  community organizer, and the organizer is murdered in self-defense.  What you might not expect, unless you were from California, is that the man acting in self-defense could be thrown in prison for a very long time and despite being a model prisoner, denied parole.  It sounds similar to how the Archdiocese of St. Paul has recently counter-sued a young man who had a similar encounter with a homosexual many years ago, and were able to avoid paying because of the statute of limitations in an attempt to "recover its legal costs". 
In contemporary San Francisco, a heterosexual military male can no more expect justice than a black man could in Jim Crow Alabama.

This December marks the fifteenth consecutive Christmas Steven Nary will have spent in the bowels of the California correctional system. The state has guaranteed him no fewer than three more and possibly as many more Christmases as there are years in his life -- all of this for a "crime" that would not have even come to trial in most American cities. 

Nary's journey to hell began in San Francisco in the early morning hours of March 24, 1996. As it happens, this was 65 years to the day after the famed Scottsboro Boys began a similar journey. And although the good citizens of San Francisco are surely appalled at the fate that awaited these nine young black men, the Scottsboro Boys had more access to justice in 1931 Alabama than Nary would in 1996 San Francisco.

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Another article, which discusses Nary's prlight in prison which included being denied medical attention, light and air and exercise, here.

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