Saturday, November 6, 2010

Will Prelate Imkamp [Conservative] be the Next Archbishop of Berlin?

(Berlin, Director of the Shrine Maria Vesperbild in the Diocese of Augsburg, Wilhelm Imkamp (59), is the most qualified candidate to succeed the former Archbishop of Berlin.

This was according to 'Bild' today in its Berlin edition. The paper gave no source for its alleged information.

Cardinal Georg Sterzinsky of Berlin will reach his 75th birthday this coming February and must submit his resignation. The boulevard magazine informs us that he is weary of his office.

They have profiled the Catholic Prelate Imkamp as "well connected in the Vatican".

He would be like a breath of Don Camillo and Peppone in the Red Capital: "For the Reverend with stately baroque stature 6'2 fears no one besides God."

Least of all does Imkamp fear politicians. That's already been the experience of a few Christian Democrats in Bavaria already.

The son of a tobacco grower and coffee roaster he he is held to be a "modern soul catcher".

In his methods as Pastor he's as "modern as Microsoft" -- was the well-intentioned but failed compliment.

I Faith he is "as conservative as the Pope" -- the paper doesn't understand the unchanging content of the Faith.

The success of the Prelate can't be denied by 'Bildzeitung': "While many colleagues preach to almost empty pews, churches with [Prelate] Imkamp must close their doors because they're regularly overflowing.

As a secret of success the paper attributes it to the Prelate's short sentences -- in order subject, predicate, object, point.

Because -- the 'Bild' manipulates with 'despite' -- his uncompromising approach to the Faith, he is a man full of joy for life. [pfft, at least they don't feel the two are mutually exclusive]

Finally 'Bild' did notice while Preaching on New Year's, how Prelate Imkamp had a bottle of champagne on the podium:

"This was founded by the Benedictine Monk, Dom Perignon. And the Widow Clicquot had to hide an underground priest in the champagne cellar because of persecution during the French Revolution.

The Widow Clicquot would be the only woman I'd want to run off with" -- this is the boulevard magazine's attempt to make an acceptable citation for a decadent audience.

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