Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UK's Legal System Falls Further into Decay

In the Passion, Pontius Pilate offers the crowd a choice to set Christ free, who is innocent, or Barrabas free who was a murderer. The crowd chooses to release Barrabas instead, who then goes free while Christ is sentenced to death.

More recently, the telegraph show a video made by John Hirst, a man convicted for chopping his landlady to pieces with an axe, celebrated the decision in England to allow convicted felons, that is,, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, arsonists and so on the right to vote. His delight was fueled by enjoying a bottle of champagne and a marijuana cigarette. He seemed particularly enthused about the fact that these evil men would be free to exercise their voting rights, as if by some additional madness all the prisons were opened and these men suddenly belched forth from the prisons where they were kept to spread their wickedness through the world unhindered by walls and bars.

It's difficult not to see the parallels between these two events, or the diabolical nature of Mr. Hirst's glee as he ridicules the well-to-do politicians who tried to keep himself and his fellow felons from voting. So, once again, as it was in the time of Jesus Christ, it is democracy at work.

Telegraph article, here...

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  1. A race to the sewer. sign of the end times.