Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pope Dares to Allow Women to Take up the Office of Lector

First the Vatican dispensed from the previously existening lower orders and contrived some "assignments", which were meaningless to the Church praxis up until now.  Then these assignments were opened up to women -- and support the desired feminist explosiveness.

[, Vatican]  Pope Benedict XVI. is considering the allowance of women to the office of lector.  This was according to the Prefect of the Papal Bishop's Congregation, Cardinal Marc Oullet, from the Catholic news agency 'kipa-apic' yesterday for jounralists in Rome.

The participants of the Bishops Synod 2008 over the Bible had already advised the Pope to assign women to the lecorate.

Cardinal Ouellet explained this in yesterday's publicized text of the Bishops Synod.

It was as follows:  "it's well known that the Gospel is proclaimed by Deacons or Priests, the first and second readings, however, in the Latin tradition are instituted as lectors, who can be a woman or a man.

 These who lector  and are entrusted with this assignment must, even if they have not received the institution, must be well prepared and qualified."

Actually, in reality all lectors read -- whether men or women -- independently of a commission [assignment] to read in the Eucharistic celebration.

With this, the introduction of lectors by Paul VI. is creeping into the practice.

The  Introduction of Institutions Were Stillborn

According to canon law adult males can be assigned to lector.

In the past this agency was practically given only to priestly candidates, because they had the qualifications allowing them to be ordained as Deacons.

In canon law it is explained that the male layman "through the presecribed liturgical rite for the service of lector and acolytes can be appointed in perpetuity".

The institution to lector occupy de facto the corresponding lower orders according to the Liturgical reform.

This reform is a de facto contradiction of the 13th Ecumenical Council of Lyon under Pope Innocent VI. It said concerning the schismatic, Greek Orthodox in 1254:

To whom we desire and expressly pray that the Greek Bishops in future appropriate the use of the Roman Church's seven orders, which she has previously supposed to ignore or pass over three of the lower orders.

Deniers of the Lower Orders are Excommunicated

 The Holy Council of Trent (1545-1563) excommunicated deniers of the higher and lower orders"

" CANON II.--If any one saith, that, besides the priesthood, there are not in the Catholic Church other orders, both greater and minor, by which, as by certain steps, advance is made unto the priesthood; let him be anathema."

To the lower orders -- who receive the tonsure -- are counted by the great and courageous Council as Subdeacons, Acolytes [altar servers], Exorcists, Lector and the Ostiari [Porter].

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