Sunday, November 21, 2010

La Comunión Tradicionalista Carlista meets in Cerro de los Ángeles for the Solemnity of Christ the King

[Cerro de los Ángeles, Spain] This past 20th of November, 2010, eve of the Solemnity of Christ the King, the last Sunday of Ordinary Time, the Traditionalist Carlist Communion gathered again at Cerro de los Ángeles, the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula, where Providence sculpted in stone His Promise to Spain, and where, defending a sacred place, martyrs whose remains rest below the new monument, gave their lives. Two of these martyrs were members of the Traditionalist Carlist Communion and the others were more or less involved in Carlism.
There were more faithful in attendance at Mass than usual and the hall where the dinner was held after Mass was filled to capacity. Soon we will be publishing some of the main talks of the event. (Translated into English from the following web page:


  1. I am guessing that it was not the SSPX. The Solemnity of Christ the King for the Usus Antiquior was the Sunday before.

  2. No, it was not with the SSPX. It was with an ordinarian priest.

  3. How can they claim, then, to be of a Traditionalist Communion?

  4. Do you suggest Novus Ordo in latin as it is celebrated by the Pope is not traditional?

  5. Ok, it is not traditional and it is not the best one but is still correct.

    The people in the photo are carlistas. Spanish legitimist political movement that lost three and a half civil wars againts the enemies of the Church and Spain (They are pretty the same).

    Now we don´t have a King. Even Spanish Kings don´t fight today for our Lord but we, the soldiers, are the remnants.

    We will prevail in our last battle. We are merely waiting for the King. Ready for combat?

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