Friday, October 15, 2010

Ushaw College may close next spring 

Editor: Ushaw College is directly related to the famed, recusant seminary of Douai, which was engaged in the fearless task of educating priests to serve England's beleaguered Catholics of penal times when many of its graduates went to their deaths: it ls located in the North of England and now has a reputation for, you guessed it, the same kind of nonsense that kills true Religion anywhere and everywhere, trendy ecumania. Engaging in a bit of sociology, let's look at the scorecard: In the 50's it had 400 students; today, 26. Of course, this has nothing to do with the glorious and vaunted Reforms of Vatican II, let us leave this place. When you go, stop by Forest Murmus.

Incidentally, the links in the article talk about the tremendously progressive ecumenical goings-on at this particular sem, where Methodists and Anglicans learn with Catholics, Tablet.

Ushaw College may close next spring |

Brought to our attention by, Der Skratch.

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