Sunday, October 24, 2010

Islam Prevents AIDS

The western condom-ideologues and old Liberal Sex-theologians can froth and snarl, as long as they want. They are never the less the main reason, why HIV has spread so frantically.

[] The deadly HI-Virus has not spread as much in Islamic lands as elsewhere. This was explained by Michael Grandt yesterday ont he website ''. Worldwide there are around one percent of all people from 15 to 49 who are infected.

The leading area for AIDS infestation is Southern Africa. There the condom propaganda is especially strong. Since then, 22.4 Million people have become HIV carriers.

In decadent West Europe the number of virus carriers are 1.5 million and in North America, 1.4 Million.

In regions where there are a majority of Muslims living, the AIDS Rate is correspondingly below average.

Grant mentioned North Africa as well as the Near and Middle East.

Even in one of the poorest countries in the world, Somalia, has an AIDS Rate 0.5 procession only 76th place in the line of nations - far removed from the usual African States, in which is found an exorbitantly high rate of HIV infection.

Further Islamic States show a very low rate of the Virus' transference:

Iran: 0,2%
Indonesia: 0.2%
United Arab Emirates: 0.18%
Irak: 0.1%
Turkey: 0.1%
Egypt: 0.1%
Syria: 0.1%
Saudi Arabia: 0.01%
Afghanistan: 0.01%

According to the reports Grandt speaks considerably therefore that Islam with its sexual morality is the reason for the low spreading of HIV: "Extramarital intercourse is a Taboo."

Even Homosexual immorality is regarded with inestimable horror.

The Western Dogma for the unsuccessful prevention of HIV -- like the free distribution of condoms or needle exchange -- are condemned as "Unislamic".

For many Muslims understand the AIDS epidemic, that the Islamic norms and values are superior to Western decadence.

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  1. This article is a pile of crap.

    Muslims whine about their "morality" and how they have no gays, and then they take little boys behind the hills. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, so stop trying to hide it.

    You just had some nephew of the grand wazoo from Saudi Arabia murder his gay slave servant in London.

    Also muslims kill the gays who are too flagrant.


  2. A great way to avoid HIV is to only have sex with 9-year-old virgins, like the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) did. Even though he married Aisha at age 6, out of respect he waited until she was 9 before he first raped her.

  3. That's a nice demonstration of foaming at the mouth, but it doesn't show much reading comprehension.