Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tornielli Interviews Vatican Bank President Ettore Gotti Tedeschi

Editor: here's a quick google-translation with some correction. It looks like this is one of those attacks that Tornielli was talking about, being launched against the Pope.

"Since I assumed the presidency of the IOR I am busy with my all, according to information received by the Pope and the Secretary of State to make every transaction more transparent and in line with international anti-money laundering norms ...

I feel really humbled today. There is anger in words but also discouragement by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, 65, Piacenza, a professor of "Ethical finance" at Catholic University, president of Santander Consumer Finance, a full year at the Institute for Works of Religion The Vatican Bank, and now it's under investigation for violation of money laundering. The man to whom Benedict XVI has given the renewal of the finances of the Holy See and admires the spirituality of Opus Dei, who when asked how many hours of his day are devoted to God and how much to money, replied: "One hundred per cent one and hundred percent the next. God is always present in everything I do.

"The newspaper has interviewed you.

What was your reaction to the news investigation on IOR and about her?

"Bitterness and humiliation. I do not know what else to say. Together with the Director of the Institute, Paul Cipriani, I am committed to tackling the problems which are now being investigated. We are working to enter the so-called White List, i.e. the list of countries that comply with international anti-money laundering and we hope to make it for December. I have an excellent relationship with the Bank of Italy and there is a continuous exchange of information ...».

Can you explain what happened with the Credito Artigiano and those 20 million directed to JP Morgan in Frankfurt?

"Meanwhile, we clarify that this is a remittance on IOR IOR: we simply transferred the money to invest in German bonds. Why were we not in compliance with the rules against money laundering?"

"We are implementing the rules, but possibly the survey was an error in the procedures implemented by the Credito Artigiano. But the operation is clear, there is nothing hidden or to hide: only a transfer of funds of the same IOR.

The State Secretariat has renewed total confidence ...

"I met Cardinal Bertone, and I found him very concerned about what happened. I was invited to stay at in my position, because I'm doing exactly what I was asked to do, that is more transparent operation of each IOR. This is the clear desire of my superiors and we consider what is happening ... almost unnatural! A procedural error is used as an excuse to attack the Institute, its president and, more generally, the Vatican. "

Why do you think someone wants to attack you or the Holy See?

"I think that the statement of the Secretary of State bodes well with this sense of astonishment. We had an end in sight just when we were working as hard as possible to enforce rules against money laundering. Cardinal Bertone has appointed Nicholas Attilio president of the supervisory board inside the Vatican that will monitor the implementation of all provisions for the White List. We are available to provide information, it would have been enough to call instead of banging on the front door. "

From the original... here at Il Giornale.

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