Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modernist Benedictines Continue to Die Without Replacements

ST. JOSEPH, Minn. — Sister Mary David Olheiser and Sister Helenette Baltes professed their vows together in 1936 as two of the 21 new sisters to join the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict that year. At the time, their central Minnesota Roman Catholic monastery was overflowing with youth and energy.


Sister Mary David Olheiser, 92, and Sister Helenette Baltes, 94, were reunited after 62 years. Sixty-two years later, the classmates and old friends are together again. St. Benedict is taking St. Bede back into its fold. The smaller group is facing demographic realities by closing its Wisconsin monastery and moving 29 remaining sisters back to Minnesota.

"It's just a blessing," said Baltes, 94, of her reunion with the 92-year-old Olheiser.

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  1. This is a close approximation of a story said to be authentic. It has been related that Bishop Sheen once was present at an Airport as a Sister (nun) was arriving. The Sister approached the Bishop and said hello, the Bishop ignored her greeting. I'm sister so and so your Excellency, don't you remember me. Ahhh, Sister Judas, replied the Bishop. No, I'm Sister so and so exclaimed the Sister. No your Sister Judas replied the Bishop again - and how much did you sell your habit for.