Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Church Will be Pilloried: Belgium

Editor's Comment: Considering the growing strangeness of the atmosphere, the rebelliousness of the Austrian Clergy, there are some other dark clouds. Many are crying for blood and are willing to strike down laws to get at the institution they are increasingly mischaracterizing as evil.

Freemasons -- against the Church?

The battle surrounding the police raids against the Church in Belgium is more heated -- Christian Democrats: The searches could be a masonic plot. The current investigating judge Wim De Troy is close with the leading freethinkers.

Brussels [Kath.net/KNA] In Belgium the director of the independent commission for the investigation of the abuse accusations by church employees, Peter Adriaenssens, was interviewed for five hours long by the judiciary. The child psychiatrist is a witness for the work of the commission and the dossiers under examination, reported the Belgian media on Tuesday. Further discussions will follow this week. The commission had decided to offer their resignations against the progress of the authorities. In the confiscation of the dossiers of abuse victims the members saw a breach of trust.

In the mean time, the battle over the reasonableness of the progress of judiciary on its major raid against Church property was very sharp on Tuesday. Abuse victims held the searches and seizures irresponsible. Liberal and Socialist politicians secured themselves against critics from the Vatican.

In broadcaster "Radio 1" the sociologist Jan Hertogen (63) who was abused as a young man maintains that the authorities have compromised data privacy and laws regarding personal privacy. He has brought his case to the knowledge of the commission, but did not want in any way the engagement of the judiciary. He made his complaints against the Adriaenssens-Commission, because they had not exactly protected his documents. He hopes to persuade the commission, in their own part, to proceed against the judiciary authorities.

The Flemmish Minister Jo Vanderuzen warned of a loss of trust by the victims. They had the choice, to turn to the judiciary or not. This decision must be condemned. Church authorities are exploring at the moment legal steps against the police action.

The liberal politician Denis Ducarme and the scholastically aligned Bruno Tuybens called the Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere, to demand [verlangen] respect from the Vatican for the political and legal institutions of the land. They reacted with that to the sharp criticism from the Vatican to the actions of the authorities. Vanackere dismissed the notion that he had invited the Nuncio, Archbishop Giacinto Berloco, personally to an "oopen and constructive conversation".

The attorney of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, Fernand Keuleneer, expressed doubt on the legality of the raid. It is not admissible to indiscriminately confiscate dossiers and then initially to ascertain after if they contain any incriminating documents, he said to "The Antwerp Gazette". The house searches have awakened the impression, that the Church will be pilloried.

Editor's Note: If this had been in the United States happening to just about any other organization, there would be an outcrry about the absolute absence of due process. Could this be a way for Cardinal Daneels to walk away without taking responsibillity for destroying the Church of Belgium through years of neglect and cooperation with evil? Of course, it isn't an accident that Belgium is about
to divide itself in parts.

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