Monday, March 29, 2010

Maine Rag Accuses Diocese of Uncharity for Cancelling CCHD Grants

Catholic Charities and social justice types have done a good job in general of convincing people that they care about the poor, but they haven't actually done very well at either their stated task or being true to the name, Catholic. They are like thieves who blame society for their larceny and rage, "how dare they hold us accountable for being anti-Caholic!"

Here's another attempt to misinform the public, in the liberal Demorat (Can there be any other kind of Democrat?) accusation that it is the party of the poor, since they're pretty good at extorting money from individuals to pay for their charity.

Disagree with us, and we’ll punish the poor. That’s the attitude of the Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) in Washington, D.C. In an act of pure spite, the two groups have withdrawn their funds from Homeless Voices for Justice (HVJ), a Portland-based social service agency that serves the poor - because its fiscal sponsor, Preble Street Resources Center, came out against an antigay marriage initiative that was on the Maine ballot last fall. The Church championed that homophobic proposition.

HVJ had nothing to do with Preble Street’s stance on gay marriage. Its members voted not to take a stand on the measure, which successfully overturned Maine’s gay marriage law.

The staff of Preble Street decided to support efforts to defeat the antigay referendum because homophobia is a leading cause of queer youth homelessness in their city (as it is here in San Francisco). Preble Street joined with other social service providers in denouncing the measure.

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