Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bishop Morin Honors Socialist Head of LA CCHD

Bishop Morin, subcommittee head of the USCCB organ overseeing the CCHD, who has been having a lot of problems with telling the truth lately, has honored "social justice" activist who is, coincidentally, the kind of person who takes Catholic's money to fund things that have almost nothing to do with Catholicism. The interfaith agendas she supports may advance Alinskyite social-justice and professional activists who are alien to and hostile to the Catholic Faith, but they are certainly dishonest.

If it weren't bad enough that Bishop Morin is honoring a woman who heads the CCHD in Cardinal Mahony's Archdiocese, but the Harper is herself an avid "Community Organizer" in the Alinksyite vein, and like Cesar Chavez, eager to champion the rights of oppressed workers. The benefit to the workers might be in question, but her political and religious allegiance is not.

For we can certainly question the wisdom of being involved in an labor dispute as part of a Union agenda where Harper was arrested at the Hilton Hotel worker's dispute in 2008, but Harper provided funds for CLUE (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), which is a "multi-faith" (you know what that means) organization headed by Rabbi Jonathan Klein who is a "community organizer" and is "passionate" about the environment. We think you all know what a "Community Organizer" is by now. You might ask yourself why Klein, whose pacifist anti-Catholic agenda the CCHD supports, is such an avid Obama supporter who craves after socialized medicine almost as much as the USCCB does.

Is it any suprise that Rabbi Klein is pro-homosexual as well? He writes in defense of homosexuality and attacking free speech in the following paragraph in 2006, here:

I cannot believe the audacity and harm imposed upon us by the Daily Trojan when the editors decided, in the name of a "free press," to print bigoted hate diatribes in the letters to the editor on Thursday. To add insult to injury, Friday's editorial defends that poor decision, arguing that it is legitimate to attack gays since millions of Americans are in their estimations anti-gay. Since many Americans consider a sexual orientation other than heterosexual as immoral, the Daily Trojan argues, it is just fine if a student writes that a gay man’s “lifestyle is sinful, unhealthy and unnatural.” Preposterous!

Like the Communists of old, Harper attacks her accusers with emotional arguments attempting to portray them as mean-spirited and out of touch, but unfortunately for her, their criticisms are quite apt in her case.

"God had a plan for me that didn't include the Peace Corps in Honduras as I thought at the ripe age of 31 but rather a wonderful marriage with three fantastic children," said Harper. "It is through [my husband's] love and the encouragement of my adult children that my ministry 'out there' becomes celebrated and nourished at home."

Acknowledging the pain generated by recent "vicious attacks" accusing CCHD of knowingly and willfully funding groups in opposition to Catholic teaching,[True and justified attacks] Harper commented: "I guess we can take some comfort in knowing that we are doing a good job --- we are ruffling feathers --- and therefore we must be effective. But that only slightly eases the pain of these lies and mis-truths."

"This award today," she said, "is really for all of us --- for our ministry, for our dedication, for staying in the struggle�. I thank God for all of you, knowing we walk this path together."

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