Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rabbi Schneier of New York Says Tridentine Mass a Liabillity

The famous Rabbi made the following statement to "Radio Vatican" concerning the visit of Pope Benedict to the Synagogue: "I personally don't have to read any books about the Holocaust: I am the evidence."

[Kathnet] Rabbi Arthur Schneier stood in his East Park Synagogue in New York and welcomed Pope Benedict there in 2008 during his USA trip. Upon the coming visit of the Pope he is contacted and participates in an interview with Radio Vatican about some problematic issues of the catholic-roman Dialogue:

"The Tridentine Mass is a real liability. [It's amazing how insensitive the Rabbi is to the beliefs of others] We live today in a global world and must co-exist as religions -- therefore one needs respect for another. And Jesus was finally, a Jew. That was and is still ever a liability. And that is the question in tandem with Pope Pius XII. I believe, the best solution would here be, once again to basically go through the archives. The the Church is eternal, would it make any difference to wait a few more years!" [He's referring to the desire of Israeli Authorities to have access to Vatican archives, here.]

He goes on to take exception with the reconciliation with the SSPX and Bishop Williamson who he falsely accuses of denying the Holocaust, and says he doesn't need to read any books on it, because he lived it and then goes on to praise Pope Benedict for his historic, first ever for a Pope, visit to a Synagogue in the United States.

There's no way the world media would tolerate these kinds of impertinent prescriptions, inaccuracies and mendacities if the Shoa were on the other foot. Surely, if the Rabbi is evidence of the "Shoa", perhaps there is truth in what Bishop Williamson said after all.


  1. The Rabbi seeks relevance, but he is due none.

  2. I do not think the Rabbi understands what the Church is, hence his opinion is always tide to secular norms.

  3. He misses that the true Israel is continued in the Church.

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