Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wealthy Liberal Catholics Paying Archbishop Nienstedt Millions

Archbishop Nienstedt is going to get a bump for inner-city Catholic Schools from the Pohlad family to the tune of $1 Million a year. Former Twins baseball team owner, Carl Pohlad had his funeral Mass in the very liberal, pro-homosexual Basilica of St. Mary's and he headed he collectivist Metropolitan Transit Commission which oversaw the destruction of the rail system and the reallocation of a cost ineffective bus system.

In any event, inner-city Catholic schools are yet another poor investment, especially from a Catholic perspective, unless Archbishop Nienstedt is willing to address the large presence of Neo-marxists who comprise the administration and teaching staff.

The Pohlad family still plays golf at Interlaken which endorses Planned Parenthood.

The Pohlad Family today announced a major commitment to keeping urban Catholic elementary schools affordable for young people from economically-disadvantaged families. Through the Minneapolis Foundation and the Catholic Community Foundation, a total of $1 million in tuition assistance will be distributed to nineteen Catholic schools for use during the 2009-2010 school year. The Pohlads plan to continue this million dollar funding each year through 2013-2014.

Archbishop John Nienstedt welcomed the commitment: “The Pohlad family’s quiet giving has focused on providing opportunities that help young people move out of poverty. We are grateful for the family’s recommitment to Catholic education in neighborhoods where poverty has been growing.”

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Cathy_of_Alex said...

What a refreshing occurance it would be if more urban Catholic schools were actually Catholic! What ever happened to evangelization? If you've got 'em, teach 'em!