Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maoists ended Monarchy in Nepal

What's the possibillity of restoring the Monarchy to Nepal and handing the Chinese their own back-yard insurgency? We didn't back the Afghani Monarchy when it was still in power and effectively running the country and now look at the mess we have.

Prakash Koirala
Senior Politician, Nepal

Prakash Koirala demands no introduction as he is a well known politician of this country. His association with the Nepali Congress was simply but natural because one of the founding fathers of the present day NC was his own father late B.P Koirala.

Junior Koirala differed with his uncle, Girija Prasad Koirala, on many issues of national interests. When enough had been enough, Junior Koirala quit the mother party or say he was sidelined by his own conspiratorial uncle.

Junior Koirala still commands respect and honor in his former party.
However, when Prakash Koirala went to the fold of the Nepali Monarchy, his prestige began swinging in his own mother party. Koirala claims that Nepal’s Monarchy could still be taken as the symbol of national unity and in an implied manner wants to see the now sidelined monarchy revived through the conduct of a referendum.
The rest, let’s listen to what Junior Koirala has to say on contemporary political events: Editor.


TGQ1: What prompted you Mr. Koirala to proceed with the “Nationality Preservation Campaign”? What are the prime objectives of this campaign? Will you please shed some light on what have you been doing of late? Your comments please!
Koirala: The country at the moment is undergoing through a very dangerous transitional period. The country and the Nepali nationality are under grave threat. Practically all the important national decisions are being taken in collaboration with the forces that represent the international community. Because of the intensified international pressure with each passing days, the country and its nationalism aspect is becoming weaker and weaker.

While, on the one hand, we make tall claims as regards the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national independence, however, in practice foreign forces are being allowed in a naked manner to decide our fate. Analyzing the existing anomalies in the national politics, we have endeavored to move ahead with the campaign to preserve and protect Nepal’s nationalism which has been made weaker.

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