Sunday, November 22, 2009

CCHD Provides an Opportunity for Liberal Socialists to Undercut and Distract during the Healthcare Debate

Words on the relative success or failure of CCHD will be interesting to read, possibly on Monday, but is seems safe to say that given the pre-emptive attempt to head off the criticism and disatisfaction they knew was brewing as a result of their tacit approval for the various anti-Catholic organizations they've been supporting with the Catholic Church's popular clout, for years.

We've known about this for years and years, and we're surprised that an issue is being made about it now, but we're not surprised that some Bishops are denying the fact they knew about it at all, or just as bad, that we should believe them that something effective will be done in the future.

Court Jester is looking for news on Dicoese that don't collect here...

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Raymond Arroy's credibillity has even been called into question by Bishop Morin. He's a bit like one of those villains in a melodrama, and it's as if this is the first time in throughout the years that we've known about this. In previous years not more than a few occasional boos emanated from various places against these villains. People almost seemed to take it for granted that Bishops didn't take their religion seriously. Why should they, no one else does. Just a few crazy "Lefebvrists" and " Catholics United for the Faith" type people.

Perhaps there is truth to the suspicion that the politicos are taking shots at the USCCB for their support of the Stupak Amendment. If that's the case, the Bishops have only themselves to blame for being as cynical as the Democrats who must surely be engineering this campaign against them, or perhaps, finally, Catholics are truly coming to their senses and might at any moment show up outside episcopal bungalos with pitchforks and burning torches.

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