Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development

California Daily

Editor: The following announcement comes from the website

Every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, many Catholic parishes take up a second collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Recognize that organization? If you don’t, you should. Here’s why:

Until 2008, the campaign had been funding ACORN for several years, giving over $7 million to the corrupt organization. The same organization that is being investigated for voter fraud, embezzlement, and other wrongdoing was recently caught in undercover videos in recent months helping a pimp and prostitute set up a business and traffic underage girls for prostitution.

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  1. Acorn has followed the law and has never been involved in voter fraud. Is it SHOCKING that all this tweaked and twisted bad press has spiraled out of hand due to the fact that Acorn is so successful at helping the marginalized, registering poor and black people to vote and helping people fight for their rights who are not able to pay for what others take for granted. Acorn has been smeared. No one can even find out the FACTS about Acorn any more, that's how all pervasive this smear campaign has been. Any organization that SUPPORTED Acorn was courageous and cared about the poor. Yea, the Catholic church MIGHT have been in that category. Hopefully....

  2. But they have been involved in voter fraud and prostitution.

    Perhaps you missed the part where their funding got cut in one of those infrequent but welcome acts by the US Government and the USCCB.

    The Catholic Church has always supported the poor, but we certainly can't say the same for ACORN.