Sunday, June 20, 2021

Not Exactly Surprising

 Edit: it’s kind of a cliche, the broad church Anglican who doesn’t believe in God.  Man, if I belonged to a cynical institution like this, I wouldn’t either.



Anonymous said...

Of course they wouldn't do anything else.
Just like a Mafia button man. Easy work. Easy life. Easy money.

Anonymous said...

McGeorge Bundy,a member of the WASP racial ruling elite if ever there was one, found his membership in the Anglican sect socially advantageous despite his antipathy toward Christian orthodoxy and morality. Bundy described himself as a committed but unconvinced Episcopalian.

M. Prodigal said...

I think there is a number in our hierarchy who could say the same as this Anglican.

Liam Roe said...

The Anglican Church is for respectable people. For others, the Catholic Church will suffice

Matt O'Kane said...

In an interview back in the 1960s the late Malcolm Muggeridge, Anglican convert to Catholicism, remarked that the Anglican Church was the laughing stock of the 20th Century. Nothing has change nor for its ridiculous offspring, the Ordinariates, made up of illusionary High Church Anglicans with the wrong motives.

C.J. said...

I still have the email from an Anglican priest, shared with me (a Catholic) and his entire congregation. Paraphrased, the email said “After much honest studying of the Bible it has become honest to me that the Catholic Church is the only true Church. This will be my last correspondence with you. For I will be entering the Catholic Church on (date) and much of this congregation will be joining me.”

So “respectable” Anglicans become Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Although I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is the one True CHurch, I do not believe that the "Vatican II Catholic Church" is the one true Church. The "NOvus Ordo" is a patchwork service taken from at least 3 Protestant traditions (Anglican rubrics and prayers, Lutheran traditions (the 'common cup"), and Calvinistic emphasis on homilies and preaching.
Just looking at the stats since 1962-65 and the last 50+ years, the "VAtican II" Catholic Church has been in free fall collapse in all catagories across the board.
A Council and it's directives "inspired" by the Holy Spirit would not have disasterous results still, after 55+ years. The Council of Trent on the other hand, produced magnificent results in all catagories of CAtholic life within a few years of its conclusion, and continued right up until 1962. Were it not for the Council of Trent, and the zeal of so many new religious Orders and Popes driven to enforce the tradition of the Church and orthodoxy of the Council, large parts of Hungary(if not all), Poland, and France would be Protestant today....they were on the point of turning towards Protestantism at the time.
Anglicanism in Great Britian is dead. It has been dying since WWII. But it was a very strong faih during the reign especially of Queen Victoria. In the USA, the Anglican (Episcopalian) Church has declined from about 3.5 million in 1965, to about 1.2 million today. It too, is a dead religion. As with the "VAtican II" Catholic Church, the more progressive/radical it became, the faster it collapsed.
Now we have a pope in Francis(Beergoglio) who is not really a Catholic. His actions and words and directives prove it. He is a committed follower of the "VAtican II" Catholic "church". Last week, at the Corpus Christi Mass at St. Peters, alone among the thousand or so people there, he did not kneel before the Blessed Sacrament exposed for veneration....but rather sat or stood and glared at it.
So I believe in the one True Roman Catholic Church of all time. Not in the "Vatican II" church, its directives, or Bergoglio.

The contributor M. Prodigal said" I think there is a number in our hierarchy who could say the same as this Anglican."

I think this is the problem in the "Vatican II Catholic Church". Very many of the priests, bishops, cardinals, and perhaps even Bergoglio think the same".

Damian M. Malliapalli

Peter said...

The Anglican Church won't be in existence in a decade and no one will miss it. It tried to be everything to everybody and ended up being nothing to nobody. Female ordination, same sex marriage, abortion, this isn't a religion it's a rodeo.

Anonymous said...

Prince Charles, who will be the next King of England, does not want the title "Supreme Head of the Church of England".

That might be a death blow to the Anglican Church. It had a long run, and wasn't entirely worthless. Some beautiful music. Some very noble religious Orders which pursued a beneficial service (though they were never large). But I think it's time is winding down. Just like the VAtican II Catholic Church, and the pontificate of Bergoglio.

Damian M. Malliapalli