Saturday, May 8, 2021

Vatican Hosts 'Pro-Vax Propaganda' Conference


Anonymous said...

I'm only 33, and have not been around long enough to read encyclicals or speeches from "real" Popes in the style of Pius XI, Pius XII, and those before that. Benedict XVI came the closest to them.
But this Bergoglio is in and involved in every socio/political event like this...vaccines, COVID-19, immigration, migrants, homeless, enviornment, Green New Deal, Global Warming, Muslims, anti-Muslim violence, anti-Asian predjudice, Antifa, BLM...etc.etc.etc. He has a comment for everything like that. But never, NEVER, have I ever heard of him issue encyclicals or letters or speeches about the Blessed SAcrament, or the Saints, or the Blessed Virgin MAry, or Prayer, or the Sacraments etc. like past Popes did. Bergoglio, like ALL PROGRESSIVE caTHOLICS, is for socio/economic justice, and cares nothing about the CAtholic religion specifically.
No surprise Bergoglio and his VAtican were involved in this VAx circus. Who cares though really? Bergoglio and his people have betrayed the FAith. Their actions are predictable and really unworthy for any serious critique/comment.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Joe Perry guitarist of Aerosmith and fellow band member of The Hollywood Vampires is to attend the Vatican Conference. Sounds like a Occult Ritual of a certain Sect?
At same exact time of Eurocrats ViP meeting in Porto, Portugal near Fatima, sequential rituals?

Anonymous said...

Wrong, the Vatican Conference was reputedly cancelled the real reason is FEAR.