Friday, January 8, 2021

Lying Ted joins a growing list of cowards. (take note Thug)


Constantine said...

One has no choice but to turn around, if the leader is not willing to do something. Trump has not taken any steps to take further action than tweet and talk. He is making it clear that he is not ready to use any more force or action. Populist leaders, for them to stay popular need to show his people that he is "on the roll". "The Constitution" and "supporting democratic values" cannot be excuses for Catholic Truth. Either you fight and win, or die as a martyr. This need for "getting along" is not acceptable. And the Left knows it. It's only one way, and it's what in its favor.
What I do propose, seeing that there is a crackdown coming of immense proportions, is that prepare your possessions. Prepare to give away your house and savings, to family friends, and the poor, so that when you are confronted with a legal challenge to lose your job or even your life, that you have nothing in your possessions more to give to the Leftists and the State for immoral purposes.

Tancred said...

We don’t know what Trump will do, yet, but having scoundrels like Lyin Ted around make it hard to do anything.

Crazy Eddie 😜 said...

The fact that they are so eager to depose him when, theoretically, he should be gone in less than a fortnight implies he may have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Trump may have been detained after his speech on Wed.
No one knows but after what BLM + Antifa did all summer,Wed was very peaceful in comparison.
God bless -Andrew