Sunday, January 3, 2021

Georgia RINO Secretary of State Commits Treason -- Destroy the GOP!

Edit: Trump is addressing a smug Brad Raffensberger who refuses to look into clear evidence of election fraud. Now Raffensberger has leaked the recording to commie press who wants to spin it to look like Trump is the one committing fraud.  Raffensberger is trying to aid criminals in Georgia to ignore the will of the people of Georgia.

Destroy the GOP!

Call Raffensberger's office:

214 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334



JBQ said...

Raffensberger has a degree in Civil Engineering from Western Ontario University. Subsequently, he obtained an MBA from Georgia State. He was elected to the House in Georgia to serve in 2016. In 2018, he then ran for Secretary of State. He is lackluster and you can presume that he is a lackey for the establishment. How else would you be able to come so far and with little to no credentials.----During his race in 2018, it came out that he owed 135,000.00 in back taxes in regard to his business which is an engineering firm. The question then is obvious. How did he become solvent? How did he amass so much support for his run for Secretary of State? He was and is a heavy "light weight".----I have been told that the Dominion machines came with a bribe attached. That is why evidently Governor Kemp is staying so quiet. There is also a deep connection by him with Raffensberger.----The one who handled the election integrity as the manager of the Dominion machines was not Raffensberger. It was a little guy by the name of Christian Sterling. He held a press conference where he voiced his support for "Raffie" and his indignation for the unfair criticism of his boss.---Sterling is without a doubt a "little g-- boi". That should tell you the hidden cancer that is involved here. Raffensberger appears to be gay as well and attends a "community church" which pushes the gay agenda.

Tancred said...

JBQ, aren't Civil Engineers featured prominently on left-wing dominated Urban Planning Departments?