Thursday, January 7, 2021

False Flag?


 Now, the Vatican has been implicated


Pico Della Mirandola said...

Another live one, this time an imported Limey. Lock him up with Trump and Trumps insurrectionist goons and thugs.

Constantine said...

@"Pico Della Mirandola", What's a "Limey"? I do prefer Arancello to Limoncello myself. But, you know? They are both very sweet drinks. And they are kind of sissy drinks I do avoid.So tell me who gave you that sissy sounding name "Pico Della Mirandola"? and why? Incidentally, a word of advice. You should stop using these words like "insurrectionists" "goons" and "thugs", to describe enter-left lefties like Donald Trump. Because when one day you encounter real bonfide reactionaries, you won't have any words left in your vocabulary to scare people with.