Wednesday, January 20, 2021

An Important Reminder: Biden is Not President

By David Martin

While Americans are bewildered over today’s inaugural ceremony in Washington, it’s important that they remember that Joe Biden’s inauguration is invalid, that he is not a validly elected U.S. president, since the electoral vote was arrived at through massive voter fraud. The evidence of fraud is abundant and indisputable, therefore a crime was committed in not examining this evidence for the cause of justice.

Shame on the Supreme Court justices who failed miserably in their duty to rule that the courts examine this evidence before allowing any certification of the electoral vote. And shame on Vice President Mike Pence for his infamous failure to block the electoral vote on Jan. 6. He had push-button power to save America but instead he stabbed America and its president in the back because avoiding leftist backlash apparently meant more to him than the Constitution of the United States. His cowardice handed the White House over to Satan.

Already Biden is showing his infamous horns. One of his first moves has been to appoint a “transgender” as assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of Health. To think that a psychotic possession case will oversee the cause of being ‘healthy and clean.’ What next, will they make Nancy Pelosi the head of a national pro-life commission?

The Positive Side

On and on we can go about Biden’s projected plans to destroy America and hand it to the one-world global elite, but we should keep in mind that God is watching this whole episode and will not allow the infernal Gates to prevail against this country if we resolve now to mobilize under the banner of Faithful and True. “For according to the height of the heaven above the earth: He has strengthened His mercy towards them that fear Him.” (Psalm 102:11) If three-quarters of America in fact voted for Trump as is being alleged, the Good Lord no doubt will honor that by giving America back to America, most especially if America turns to God at this time.   

It could very well be that President Trump still has a plan up his sleeve to save our country so let us be chipper and remember that “With God all things are possible.” (Matt. 19:26) With Biden having hijacked the Oval Office through fraud there is every chance now that he could be impeached for fraud, which in turn would nullify his “election” and Trump’s “defeat.”

Trump has repeatedly said in the last week that the present trial “is just the beginning” of his plan to revive America, so it is conceivable that there is a plan in works to end it for Biden-Harris so that Trump can continue to lead the cause of Making America Great Again.



Anonymous said...

If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig, and smells like a pig.....It is a Pig. He is in the office till God himself removes him through whatever means, because the electoral process and the courts sure as hell won't do it.

PW said...
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Unknown said...

It's so obvious that Biden is in the oval office by fraud big time he has his nerve to even put his hand on the Bible and swear in as our President he is just a Communist puppet. I hope, pray and support President Donald Trump as our righteous President elect!

Jake Allbright said...
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Constantine said...

This election is historical Deja Vu. It happened when Queen Mary could not kill her half sister Elizabeth. It happened when King James II's army dissipated.

Tancred said...

@DEC Biden and his son are confirmed dangers to children, he's shameless.

Keith said...

I just laughed for about 10 minutes after reading this. It might be worth taking a look inward to determine why you and your friends can’t seem to to accept lawful outcomes. You don’t like the Pope, so therefore you just come up with whatever justifications you can conjure to say that he’s invalid. Then a President comes along and you decide to do the same thing.

It’s not the Pope or the President that’s the problem, it’s you. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get the help you need.

Anonymous said...

The recent Presidential election did not have a lawful outcome. So, there's that.
Francis may have been elected in a valid conclave, but his numerous actions (most egregious being dragging a pagan idol into the Vatican and sitting approvingly while people bowed down in worship) makes his Papacy invalid and rife with unlawful actions.

Occasional Reader said...

Absolutely correct. I have shared this well-written observation to several friends already. Mr. Martin is not the only voice delivering this truth. Only the deliberately ignorant do not know this reality.

Tancred said...

Nobody who is Catholic likes this Communist in the chair of Peter.

Tancred said...

According to Canon law,
If that means anything, Bergoglio is excommunicated
for conspiring with Martini.

Being cynical just puts us in the same boat as the coke-fueled sodomites who rule the Vatican, albeit from a different pole.

Codysmom said...

Good article. Keep posting. There is hope. Everything about this 'inauguration' is weird: Trump's Jan. 6 rally didn't make a lot of sense, the national guard build up, the Trumps not meeting with the Bidens beforehand, almost no one being at the inauguration, Pompeo's tweets in days leading up to Jan. 20, the Vatican blackout(among others)...just all strange. Hopefully all the pieces will be put together in coming weeks. And Trump triumphs.

Codysmom said...

This election mirrors last papal election too

jose guadalupe rodriguez said...

Thank you Mr. Martin for this optimistic article, it gives us some hope, but this time is different, the evil spirit permeates all over the world, and this is not going to end.
Fatima's message is being fulfilled, and now with Kamala-Biden presidents, America is falling under the slavery of communism.

Frank (@txtradcatholic) said...

Concur with your observations, Mr. Martin. As for the trolls and others attacking you (and us) for stating the obvious about Chairman Zhou Bai-Din and his Comrade who occupies the See of Peter, prayers are in order.

Constantine said...

The victory of Biden-Harris is problematic, not because there was fraud. The fraud was there throughout US history. But the problem is that the apparernt victory of the Left here is that it is a decisive victory. A decisive victory because one cannot go back. All bridges get burned. The murder if unborn cannot be undone. The mutilation of children deemed to be whimsically labelled as the opposite sex, or the raising of innocents in gay households. All these are irreversible. The indoctrination of children in schools, and now possibly in churches and for adults in reeducation camps are irreversible. The continued ratification and acceptance as normal of mask wearing and COVID vaccinations are irreversible. The discrimination against whites and males will increase. The use of thugs and internet for violating people's peace resulting in psychological terror mechanism apparatus falling into place similar to the Stalist Soviet times. This is irreversible.
Mr.David Martin understand that one thing I learned in my years in college is thst there is a distiction between Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism.
Authoritarianism is rightist, because it does not forbid the right to personal conscience or opinion, so long as it is kept privately. The British rule over the colonies may have been like that. The Popes, and Byzantine, Russian, German and Austrian monarchy and most preEnlightenment or conservative monarchies were like that. Franco's rule was like that. Very tolerant of Jews,and gypsies Franco saved many of their lives, by issuing passports and visas to escape Nazi persecution but not allowing them to influence.
Totalitarianism is leftist, because it seeks total control of mind, body and and soul.
And this is the strategy of the Leftists: to obscure the differences of the two, and make the Right seem to be just as unCharitable and cold of heart as they, the Left really are. The Left, most coming from dysfunctional and broken families, who then blame men, authoritarian authority and "patriarchial structures" for their failures.