Sunday, December 27, 2020

To Vaccinate or not to vaccinate


Anonymous said...

Sorry, even as repulsive and immoral as it sounds (fetal cells used for vaccines), if I had a choice between getting the vaccine and protecting myself from COVID-19, or refusing to get the vaccine for religious reasons (fetal cells), or for political reasons (like the whining imbeciles who won't take the vaccine because they hate Donald Trump and the vaccine was done under his administration), and then I would wind up contracting COVID-19 and ending up in the hospital or respirator, I'd take the vaccine. I am against abortion, but I am not willing to die to make the point that I won't take a vaccine where fetal cells were used. Pro-life is one thing, but it also means taking care of your own life.
I already had COVID-19. Luckily I was told my case was mild, but I still felt lousy for weeks, even near to Christmas. I started to feel basically 100% about a week ago....just in time for Christmas. But it was 10x worse than the common flu. I lost 20 lbs, just didn't want to eat much. Coughed alot (but fortunatly no pnemonia). All I did was sleep, and watch TV, drink juices, sherbert, lots of water, and oatmeal and apple sauce :) After 10 days, felt like it was going away...slowly.
But I would not be willing to risk going in the hospital etc. because I refused to take a vaccine which wold have prevented that because it contained cells from aborted fetuses. As gross as that sounds, I would take the vaccine. Most normal people would.

Damian M. Malliapalli

James said...

God bless you, Damien and a blessed 2021 to you.
Glad that you are fully recovering.

Anonymous said...

Oh feeling lousy for weeks.

How awful.

Yes, absolutely, slaughter the babies and make the vaccines!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Damian! I am so ashamed for you for your unCatholic cowardice. I have often agreed with you your comments. But this one is beyond disgraceful and beyond cowardly. Shame on you! And shame on me for ever finding your previous comments worthy of merit.

Anonymous said...

They are not made of aborted baby cells. They are grown in the cells. Not the same thing. Still not good.

Patrick Whelan said...
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Tancred said...

Getting the VAX is dumb, especially if you've already had the Coof.

Shaun Elgin said...

Why is the priest constantly clearing his throat and nose? Does he have the koof?

PatrickWhelan said...

Patrick Whelan said...
Note of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines, 21.12.2020. The CDF ruling is based on the Magisterium and the sound, fundamental Catholic Moral theology;

The CDF has confirmed what many national Episcopal conferences that have written on the moral acceptability of taking vaccines that have included aborted fetal stem cell lines. The reasoning is that a greater good has come out of an historical evil act, that the fetal abortion happened close to half a century ago which creates a moral distance from the event to the vaccine. Hence, personal material cooperation in the abortion should not be a matter of scruple. Furthermore, it is a act of charity that contributes to the common good to receive the COVID-19 vaccines using the stem cell technology.

As a matter of interest, aborted fetal stem cell technology was used in the development of vaccines for:
Varicella (Smallpox)
Rubella (Measles)
Hepatitis A

If you and your kids have had these shots, it's too late to argue about aborted foetus stem cell use in the development of these vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, James....God Bless you, and Happy and Holy, Healthy 2021 to you as well!

Damian M. Malliapalli

(I probably would not get the vaccine now, since I already had the COVID-19, but now these the news media stirring up reports of a new COVID-19....not deadlier, but more contagious. So maybe it wouldn't hurt.

I often wonder why the USA has the worst record of COVID in the I think I know...I saw on the news these bible thumping mega churches, with thousand or so in attendance, no social distancing, no masks. I saw clips of parties in LA, rich masks, no social distancing. I saw a clip of a few hundred people, no masks, no social distancing, all whining and protesting that they can't watch their favorite BB teams this coming not permitted. So these people would rather risk infecting thousands because they can't go to basketball games? Grow up! IN the words of a famous song (and I forget what it is), one part goes "Go cry me a river" (or something like that.

Damian M. Malliapalli