Friday, December 4, 2020

Pope Francis sides with Biden saying society must 'build back better'

By David Martin

In a gesture of support for Joe Biden, Pope Francis yesterday quoted words that are central to Biden’s plan to remake America in the wake of the COVID-19 “pandemic”, when he tweeted:

"To help our society to ‘build back better’, inclusion of the vulnerable must also entail efforts to promote their active participation.” 

Biden last week launched his website listing his radical priorities including forced mask-wearing, climate change, and the creation of a “national police oversight commission” (scrutinizing police), which Francis in his tweet is backing.

The pope in his message said, “I find the expression ‘building back better’ quite striking.” It is for reason he adulates this theme, since it implies not a return to tradition but a return to rebellion against any revival of tradition, i.e. to go back “better.” It indeed shows craft.

The “vulnerable” referenced by Francis in his tweet include homosexuals, angered minorities, and Black Lives Matter members whom he has gone out of his way to endorse, just as Biden has. 

Two of a Kind

Clearly, Francis and Biden are two of a kind. Both violated electoral rules, both publicly endorse LGBT, both obey U.N. abortionists, and both promote a "Sustainable post-COVID-19 World" (Great Reset), so what does that tell us? 

Biden is not "president elect" but a fake, so does Francis relate to this? Does he think that tearing down Christian morals, empowering U.N. globalists, locking down on Christian liberty and opening our borders to red insurgents are forms of 'building back better?' Apparently he does.

Biden and Francis are 'brothers' in a similar (though different) way Benedict XVI and Trump are brothers. The former two are steeped in Marxist deep-state agenda while the latter are smeared, detracted, and oppressed by those of malice intent who have done everything in their power to oust them. What the Gospel says concerning the ill treatment of Christ applies to Benedict and Trump: "For he [Pilate] knew that the chief priests had delivered him up out of envy." (Mark 15:10) 

Why is Francis reposing hope in Biden? Does he think a deep-state socialist is capable of good? Does he not realize that publicly endorsing Biden makes one an accomplice to murder and crime in a similar way that endorsing Hitler made the Nazis murderous collaborators?

What is interesting is that when we abbreviate Biden's theme of 'build back better' using the small case letters bbb, it looks like 666. Is God providentially reminding us that Biden is an agent of Antichrist?


David Martin said...

You're missing the obvious. Martin has simply written another article. And no, the Democrats are responsible for the damage with the GOP, the Capitol, and the nation. The "hard core Republicans" you mention are the fakes and the slave mongers that are trying to subjugate America to the NWO, which Trump is committed to delivering America from. His continued presence in the White House will keep America free but a Biden victory would open the door to global tyranny.

Max Zerwick said...

Mr Martin has now shifted from the 'Trump-will-win' narrative to the themes of conspiracy, victimhood, persecution and white martyrdom.
It won't work, Mr Martin. Even hard core Republican ideologues are waking up to the fact that Trump has damaged the Party and their movement almost beyond repair.
Even the Fox demagogues, Carlson and Hannity are no longer peddling this turgid scrip.
Go back to full time "Slaving" and personal revelation. Demonstrable facts obviously escape you.

JBQ said...

Hey "Mad Max", the word "turgid" seems to be your mantra and obviously following the same theme, you misspelled "scrip". Obviously, you are "a legend in your own mind". As a Jesuit History graduate, it is known that "the end has always justified the means" for the Society.---The election was stolen. Look at the video of the hidden ballots under a table in Georgia. This was Fulton County, the home to the beloved BLM revolutionaries whom the Argentinian adores.----The subterfuge is fueled by gay activists. Witness Gabriel Sterling who handled the election in Georgia for the Secretary of State. This office is just up a flight of stairs from the office of the governor in Atlanta. Now, we know why Governor Kemp has "wet his pants" to stay out of the fray.

Unknown said...

The three small case letters bbb = 666. No doubt, as we know them, their works and goals, and we recognize them as who they really are,- the devil's dogs.
But not just one b=6 is there but three, as we clearly see and may hear it from the very mouths of the two of three b's,- biden-bergoglio.
Who knows to whom the third "b" belongs? belzebub himself?

David Martin said...

Re: JBQ - And remember too, the idea that "the end always justifies the means" is Communist to the core. That philosophy grew out of the Communist Party, which is why it is so prevalent in the Democratic network. At this point in time, Democrat is nothing more than a euphemism for Communist.

Constantine said...

"The end justifies the means" has been an idea since Adam and Eve ate the apple instead of the snake in the garden of eden. Even the American Revolutionary Masons believed in violence and tar feathering to justify independance. The Communists are revolutionaries too. No, the difference is now the nature and level and degree of the revolution. Communists are seen by the New Left as passe and even reactionary. The Democrats and their supporters are those who have lived through generations of comfort-spoiled democracy, divorce, feminism, abortion, homosexuality, fre acces to drugs and free sex, , contraception, transgenderism, and have experienced and internalized them for many generations ,as a nonchalant, normal, acceptable part of their life. Its a culture shock for these children of the New Anarchist Left to consider what YOU or I say as reality. The New Left Democratic Anarchists have no memory of what normal means, and can't see things in another way.
The Communists were political leftists and used it for power. The New Anarchist Dermocratic Left is culturally Leftist. And they sincerely believe in evil as good.

AL Meggers said...

Once again DM is right on
Congrats David ! Well stated!
AL meggers MD

JBQ said...

The issue about Biden and Francis both violating election rules is a point well taken.