Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Open Letter to the U.S. Supreme Court

By David Martin

We the people have witnessed hair-raising injustices in the 2020 presidential election that we feel must be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court. 

There are numerous reports of election officials refusing to count legitimate votes that were cast before the polls closed on November 3. This was done not only in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, but all over the country. The American people were disenfranchised by a deliberate refusal to count their votes while hundreds of thousands of fraudulent pro-Biden ballots were smuggled in and counted after hoursfake ballots that contributed to Biden's "victory." There is a plethora of evidence showing how everything from vans, suitcases, and storage containers were used to bring in fake ballots in the wee hours of November 4th.  

The mere fact that election officials in Pennsylvania refused to allow Republicans to observe them during the vote count, even after the Pennsylvania appeals court had ordered officials to allow this, clearly demonstrates a deliberate intent to cheat on the election count. What else could possibly be inferred by this?  

We the people are demanding a full audit of the election 

The foregoing is not to mention that people at the polls were given their ballots and then told to vote without verifying their identity through an ID check. This allowed anyone to go to different polling places using different names of registered voters who they knew would not be voting and get away with it. In Philadelphia and Pittsburg alone it is estimated that 650,000 votes were counted illegally.

And of course, we’ve all heard the reports of voters who jumped the border to go vote a second time as was the case with the many Californians went to Nevada to vote again. On and on the list goes. 

We the people allege that the 2020 election was rigged and are demanding a full audit of the election in every state where election fraud has been alleged. We assert that every legitimate vote that was cast on time must be counted and that any ballots submitted after the polls closed must not be counted. We declare that to disregard either rule constitutes a heinous commission of fraud.

We furthermore declare that for such injustice to have part with this presidential election without correcting it through due audit and recount renders it undetermined, and as such, confers no right on Joseph Biden who was fraudulently proclaimed “President-Elect.”

We the people are not looking for the fulfillment of selfish aspirations but only that justice be done and we repose confidence that this will be realized through the High Court of our land.

We thank you and may the God of our Fathers, the Author of all law and justice, guide you at this pivotal moment of our nation’s history. 


Anonymous said...

Pray the Sacred Heart of Jesus novena + Holy Rosary daily for a
Trump-Pence victory!
God bless

Anonymous said...

God doesn't play party politics.

Anonymous said...

With 3 Jews sitting on the Court, I would expect their usual perfidy.
Any dirt on any of the others, from the day that they started Grammar school, will be used as blackmail. If no dirt can be found, it will be manufactured.

Constantine said...

Its not just the fraud of the election. It's the prospect of "Packing the Court" and the "revolutionary Reign of Terror" and Revenge that has been promised to follow against Trump supporters, that also threatens to destroy the Constitution as we know it. The Supreme Court, especially its fence sitters, should know their jobs and life are on the line.

Constantine said...

God does not play party politics, nor does he allow any gay, lesbian and abortion, or secularist activists and tbeir sympathizers freedom of expression, or assembly.

David Martin said...

Trump abhors LGBT but he is waiting for a second term to take care of this, regardless of whatever diplomatic rhetoric he uses to amotth over the issue. He can't do everything at once but that's on the agenda for term two along with more war against abortion, Antifa, and big government.

Pete Grainger said...

While Trump might dream of a second term, he first will have to deal with the massive bank foreclosures, bankruptcy, another divorce, possible jail time for tax fraud and several hundred civil actions. Once the Base sees just how unsavory a character he is, then the myth will implode upon itself.

Unknown said...

Yes anyone with common sense knows that the election was rigged, on the night of November 3 Trump was by far leading and the next morning Biden suddenly comes in the lead out of no where. President Donald Trump should be our righteous President elect. May God's will be done.

PW said...

Trump lost fair and square in a contest. Like a 14 year old who is beaten at marbles, he can't take it. He needs to be ready for the time soon then the INS knocks on his door, the Banks foreclose on 'his' properties, his wife and close friends desert him and the hundreds of civil cases really play havoc with his fragile psyche.

Zurich Coffee Drinker said...

C'mon if Karl Rove says its over, its time to move on.

Constantine said...

Look Leftists out there: you know that we are not for a personality. We are against an ideology. The ideology of manipulated mobs of people having Rights without a correctly well-informed Catholic conscience. And the Revenge promised is against any resemblance of "Liberty" or "Democracy". Biden and Harris and the Democrats will not respect the "Constitutional Freedoms". To uphold these "freedoms" is a prerequisite to swearing of the Oath of Office. It is a lie if Biden and Harris swear in. And it is as well living a lie that man that many of theur supporters live by: 1) an unborn baby is not alive, with its own DNA, 2) a man is not male and a women is not female, 3) couples can be same sex and be calked a "Family", 3) Our youth are so smart that they think that and will allow themselves and others to pump drugs, and mutilate themselves and poor, confused others and put in jail anyone who disagrees with this, 4) God and sins against Him does not affect Clims2te Change, and 5) the silly mask
Biden anf Harris are ineligible to hold a serious public office

Tancred said...

Rove is a loser.

Tancred said...


Pete Grainger said...
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Tancred said...

I used to be amazed that Catholic clergy supported progressive DNC. I can understand blue dog dems, old school Conservative types. The Republican Party isn’t the best after all, but the progressive Catholic is a loathsome misogynistic and anti-American creature. Same goes with thee Magic Circle and German Tax Bishops.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the final result of this election, Biden/Harris are badly damaged goods. THeir presidency/vice-presidency will always be suspect in the eyes of more than half the population. Whereas in 2016 Trump was elected fairly, beating Clinton, this 2020 election is so rife with corruption and fraud, that very many will never consider Biden a valid president. The good thing is that Harris is damaged too, and probably will never be considered for President....especially hen she actually did run for the office last Spring, she got only 2% of the votes in a few states and then withdrew.
My personal wish is that President Trump had won, even if by the thinnest of margins. If the campaigns had gone on for another week, and then the election took place. he probably would have won. He was inching up of Biden all Summer....then he got knocked down with COVID-19, and he plunged badly in the polls after that....but then fought back until by a few days before the election, Biden was ahead only of 3-4 percentage points nationwide. The Hunter Biden scandal hurt him. Had ALL the news outlets broadcast it, Biden would have lost in a tidal wave. But that was covered up...which is why Biden's "election" a fraud.

We have the consolation of knowing that those of us who support President Trump are mostly solid patriots who love our history and traditions of the USA, the Constitution, etc, whereas Biden has the ANTIFA thugs, the BLM and defund the police radicals, and the LGBTQ crowd of supporters. I for one would not like to be associated with the later.

Considering the fraud and corruption of this election, I think the best solution for the Supreme Court to decide, would to do the entire Presidential election over again, from the beginning. But this time, with the proper safeguards and oversight which was denied this time.

(By the way, did you see Biden and his wife at the staged ceremony laying a wreath on a grave for Vet's day. He was trying to act presidential.....which is totally inappropriate in that he's not the president....yet. And millions of us wish he never would be...or Harris.

Damian M. Malliapalli

JBQ said...

The three members of the Supreme Court were Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan. Sotomayor is Latino and born Catholic.------"Rigged" is a good word. At first, I did not know why they would shut down at 8 pm and go home. I now understand. They had to upgrade and "the little red wagon from the white van" with all of the ballots at 4 am made me realize.----Karl Rove was involved with the Savings and Loan scandal in Omaha where the boys from Boys Town were brought in for various purposes at big fund raisers.

Constantine said...

Brother I would go further. This whole system of Constitutions, and procedures are set up just to mystify the uneducated. In reality, that is the cartoon script. Behind the scenes things happen. Elites manipulate news, statistics, votes, personalities, because in Social Science one studies how people get influenced and be controlled. Many of the "approved" candidates are groomed and go through hoops to present an "opposition". Like George W. Bush, crackhead, Drunk, and Skull&Bones Mason. He was given to us to continue the illusion. We see today he works against Trump.

Philip Adamson said...

The US Government reports that the recent Presidential and Congressional elections were the most secure in the history of the country. So much for fraud and conspiracy theories, none of which have offered incontrovertible evidence in support of their allegations.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that anything the "US Government" says that the elections "were the most secure in the history of the country. " are Joe Biden stooges trying to convince the American to something which they know is wrong.

Even if Biden gets in, I will never consider him a legit President, nor Harris. Everyone knows they cheated and the fraud was an epidemic. Trump predicted this disaster months ago with the mail-in ballots, etc. And he was right.

Even more reason why I would never acknowledge Biden/Harris is that scumbag Pope Francis and his minions (the USA bishops), approved of Biden. Anything they are for (especially Francis), I am against.

(By the way, did you see the report of the Mexican BIshops now giving their "OK" to the idea of "gay civil unions", like Francis did. Copying an agent of Satan will help destroy the Church in Mexico.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Philip Adamson said...

Damian, is there anyone or anything that meets your unqualified approval or is it a case of 'all is lost'?