Sunday, November 29, 2020

And now a word from our leader, Navy Corpse-Man Homer Simpson


Anonymous said...

Corpsmen Homer Simpson! ROTFLMFAO. Triple Entendre?

JBQ said...

"Sleepy Joe" is not the one to watch. It is the Argentinian. He is the one who was quoted by Eugenio Scalfari as believing that Jesus the Christ was not God while on Earth. Senile Joe is laughable yes. He is a "stalking horse" yes for the radical agenda. Pope Francis is not deeply involved with the forces of freemasony no.

Pete Grainger said...
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Anonymous said...

Gay-bree-el: dems cheat!

Pico Della Mirandola said...
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Anonymous said...

Poor Joe. He needs his diaper changed

Anonymous said...

Poor Joe. He needs to have his diaper changed

P. O'Brien said...

Biden's stupid comment brings to mind what I heard on a Protestant radio station a couple of years ago. The newsman, obviously familiar with the Bible, reported on some event in "Twenty-Nine Psalms, California."

susan said...

He just broke 2 bones in his foot while playing with his doubt petting (and sniffing) him.

yeah....he's gonna last.
Klamidia's warming up her presidential seal.

God help us.

Tom Ryan said...
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Anonymous said...

He really made a fool of himself. I kknow a lot of people are laughing at him. But to be fair, as much as I wish President Trump had won (and still might), the appointments Biden has made so far for his Cabinet and other posts are NOT the radicals people feared. Actually, the real lunatic radicals like AOC and her tribe in Congress are very angry with Biden...outraged in fact by his appointments. And if they are so enraged, Biden is off to a good start....literally. We have not heard a word from HArris, and hope we hardly ever will.

Don't anyone hope Joe is gone before his term. As much as we all wish it were otherwise, better to suffer thru 4 years of Biden, and then maybe have President Trump elected again (and he said he's going to run), than to have Joe die at any time during his term and be stuck with a radical like HArris…..who is really loved by AOC and her "associates".

Who is AOC to make demands and be such a radical rabble-rouser in Congress? I'm only 32, but I've never seen any other Congressman or woman act as beligerant, shrill,and obnoxious as her (and Ilhan Omar the" Somalian refugee").

Damian M. Malliapalli

James said...


I am quite a bit older than you and have been around the block a time or two.
Your observations about AOC, Harris and Omar are absolutely correct.
Let's talk turkey about them.
Harris and AOC are nothing but street trash who got lucky. But lucky only for a while. These people always implode in some way. They are all mouth and bravado, but basically are dummies.
Omar is the malignant tumor that grew out of a lawless and degenerate collection of people that identify as a "nation". She is also a dummy. (who probably married her own brother).
The people to watch are their handlers.

This entire situation is a puppet show.

Anonymous said...

I read up on Somalia, where Ilhan Omar originally is from, and it was really enlightening. They were not always a bunch of lawless pirates and terrorists, and refugees. Seems that in what is now Somalia were various independent kingdoms and sultanates up until the 19th century when European powers, especially Britain exerted pressure/influence in the area. They even had a king right before WWII. Mussolini wanted to annex Somalia to his "empire". He had already conquered Ethiopia up the late 1930's. In the 1950-s thru 80's they had corrupt presidents, and now, apparently, hardly any real government at all.
Actually, from what I read, the Somalis are a mixture of people and races. Some are grouped as Nilotic (dark skinned but not actually "negroid"-Black Africans, but rather labeled as having Arabic/Caucasian features even though dark skinned. There are also a larg proportion of Black Afeican Somalis. The pople of Ethiopia and Eretria are of the same group-majority non-Afro-Blacks, but rather Nilotic/Arab features, with minority Africans. Likewise Sudan. The Egyptians of today I read look exactly like what they did in the times of the Pharoahs.So where Ilhan Omar comes from wasn't always a place that produces people like her, but rather was highly civilized. Not now, of course

Damian Malliapalli