Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Soy-Filled Holy Skojec and Thug Gordon Looking for Gibs from Paypiggies

Edit: Holy Skojek loves the lockdown because of all the free government subsidies and soy. Thug Gordon loves the free gibs he gets when he campaigns to his paypiggies against it, even though he supported the Plandemic and lockdown initially. Here’s Catholic Monitor:

[Catholic Monitor] Deadpan comedy. He claims to want to fight Alinsky inspired socialistic tyranny in the United States, but joined One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec in his campaign for Alinsky inspired socialistic coronavirus tyranny.

Why isn't Gordon, an opponent of Black Live Matters like all sane people, who is supposed to be the great defenders of the U.S. Constitution fighting Skojec, pro-abortion eugenicist Michael Savage and the globalists' COVID-19 unconstitutional totalitarian lockdowns and tyranny?

 It appears that Virus Trads Skojec and Gordon agree with the Jansenist heretics and oppose Pope Pius X's endorsement of frequent Communion.



James said...

Poor, Gordo.
Living with 6 children in an RV somewhere between hither and yon, watching the go-fund-me silk purse becoming the no-fund-me brown lunch sack, wondering why Preppie Taylor won't let him pull the rig into his driveway so that he can mooch off his utilities for a month or two.....His life does kind of suck right now.

And to top it off, I hope that he realizes that his 61k bag of money is fully taxable.
(Federal, State, and Local) Don't let that surprise hit you next April 15.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mississippi is more lenient and will let him near minors, at least the colored ones.

Helmut said...

No matter how bad the crisis is, don’t put your trust in Soyboys!


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