Thursday, July 30, 2020

New Resistance Bishop

Edit: took me a while to find out who this was because the altar setting didnt look like your typical Mass altar setting. This is Bishop Joseph Pfeifer of the SSPX Resistance. He blocked the link. Try this: AMDG


Anonymous said...

Not exactly a packed house. Sad.

Joe Byrne said...

Drop kicks all.

Anonymous said...

Sadly rich! Let's watch as these schismatic people outside the Church devolve into some kind of oddball Unitarian sect! I got some leftover vestments and chalices here somewhere.....maybe I'll do like the goofy SSPX and set up my own Church!

Pablo the Mexican said...

We began storming Heaven starting at Tepeyac Hill, and asked the Mexican Martyrs, Saints, and Blessed to help us get a a Holy Bishop to consecrate Fr. Pfeiffer.
Within 30 days Nuestra Senora La Santissima Virgen Santa Maria de Guadalupe answered our prayers.

!Viva Santa Maria de Guadalupe!

!Viva Cristo Rey!

!Viva Mexico!

Pablo the Mexican said...

Satan was on the attack...had to move quickly.

Pablo the Mexican said...

You would have hated St. Athanasius as well

Pablo the Mexican said...

The Third World War was Vatican Council II.
We need to build up Church Militant.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bp.Pfieffer,may our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ grant your Episcopasy,Chapels,seminary,clerics,and the Faithful w/blessings + graces.
For anyone saying Bishop Lefevbre doubted + condemnded the Thuc line,
remember this fact.
Fr.Bruno Schaeffer was ordained by
Bishop Thuc in 1981,then was a
Pastor at the largest SSPX chapel in
Paris,France for 20 yrs.

Paolo the Peruvian said...


Pablo the Mexican said...

By the way...we did not block the link. Technical stuff got in the way. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I am Chief in Charge for His Excellency.

Should you have any questions or require my assistance, please feel free to call me at 502 286 0157 or 602 469 4469.

We shall continue to keep you all in our prayers of the Holy Rosary; please continue to keep us in yours.


¡Ave Maria purisima!

¡Viva Cristo Rey!


Tancred said...

Thanks Pablo.

Anonymous said...

Internet trad-Catholics casting doubt on Bp.Webster's own ordination is the latest E-gossip.
Bp.Dominguez received
Priestly Ordination +
Episcopal Consecration 2 and a half years BEFORE electing himself
"the Pope" summer 1978.
This heretical schismatic absurd self propelled "election",which is false,
DOES NOT invalidate his Holy Orders.
Also,Bp.Terrason was conditionally ordained then consecrated by
Bp.Dominguez,and abruptly left Palmar after the hysterical self proclaimed
anti-Pope election.
Stop gossiping and proclaiming 2nd hand half truths as Gospel truth.
Pray for Bp.Pfieffer and his clerics faithful seminary chapels etc...
I adamantly hold the Sedevacantist opinion but pray and wish the best for all traditional Catholics.
Unity will not be possible with this current effeminate attitude of
internet Trad-Catholics.
Preach it!
Had to give a shout out to myself since I'm humble.(that was a joke,relax)

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