Thursday, June 18, 2020

To the President: Please Censure Racial Hate Mongers

By David Martin

We call on President Trump to censure state officials that are abetting civil violence in the name of racial equality. May he rebuke treasonous governors like Jay Inslee and Gavin Newsom who are encouraging Black Lives Matter's attempts to disband our police and promote anarchy. 

The recent unrest in America has had little to do with race. The George Floyd killing was nothing more than a political tool to stoke the fire of revolution. For it was deliberately orchestrated by deep-state socialists to frame America's police and instigate nationwide riots.

But it was also an attempt to renew Black racism in America. While America is content to be healed of racial division, BLM keeps opening up old scars and "rubbing the raw soars of discontent" (Saul Alinsky) to instigate violence, the reason being they are a socialist-anarchist network committed to bringing down America through revolution.  

The fact is that BLM has no regard for Black lives but only uses and race-baits them to try to bring down the government. For while they feign lamentation over the slavery through which Blacks were abused in the 1800s, they turn around and use them as their own political slaves to execute their communistic vengeance against America. In that manner, the BLM people are the Black people's worst enemies.

We have a solemn duty to remind Black people that they were made for better things than the disgrace advocated by BLM. Like anyone else, they too are called to a life of justice and peace, which is not a "white" issue, but a Christian one.

We call on the president to entreat the various ethnic groups of America to put away the pettiness of color and to remind them that the only path to peace is to be "One Nation Under God. Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Let him drive the point home that until we can learn to be color-blind, we will never arrive at that peace and unity to which we are called.     

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