Thursday, June 18, 2020

Francis Hesitates to Press Eject Button As Curia's Only Black Senior Cardinal Reaches 75

Cardinal Robert Sarah is 75 years old last Tuesday.

(Rome) "Black Lives Matter" is the name of the youngest fashion slogan of the political Left and its super rich financiers and string pullers. The word could also be read differently on current occasions: this is an attempt.

To prevent US President Donald Trump, irresponsible forces are scandalously willing not only to drown the US in blood and tears. After the climate change hysteria and the Corona craze, racist anti-racism is chasing the next boar running through the streets of western cities. The struggle against the police, which in a functioning constitutional state fulfills its indispensable duty and protects law and order, has so far only been the goal of the marginal extreme Left. Suddenly, the crazy project of abolishing the police is suddenly on the political agenda. The world is upside down, and people in history have never got that.

The Confusion

The media, led by a few super-rich people with omnipotence on the nose ring, reported yesterday about a new black victim of alleged "police violence". The context is more or less ignored. The two deaths occurred in Minneapolis and Atlanta. Both cases must be clarified and possible negligence can be punished. To mention something like that is obsolete. Both cities are left-wing. The mayor and the former chief of police of Atlanta are blacks themselves, and the chief of police of Minneapolis is African-American. Atlanta has been ruled continuously by Democrats since 1879 and African Americans since 1974 (except 1994–2002). The city governments have primary responsibility for the respective police unit. This does not match any accusations of racism currently being made from the same left side by the Democratic Party and further to the left. It would be a self-accusation. But it is not at all what the hypocrisy behind the current activism showing. However, there is hardly anything  to be heard in the media of the outcry of economist and Harvard professor Roland Gerhard Fryer, even himself a black man, who pointed out a few days ago that 900 blacks have been murdered by blacks in Chicago alone in the past two weeks, because the police, who have become the whipping boy of the racist anti-racism of the Left, are now only serving in accordance with regulations or not at all in protest. The consequences are an explosive increase in crimes of all kinds, including hundreds of murders.

After homosexuals and migrants , the next minority is declared better people, which has only one purpose, to split and blow up society and to play people against each other and to stir them up. Every means seems to be right. This is racism in the name of anti-racism.

The scam of the radical Left is forever the same and is based on the denial of reality. Who does not have the lyre of all sorts of alleged “constructs” that have been plucked up and down by the Neomarxists since the 1970s. The palette ranges from the would-be national construct to the racial construct, the historical construct and the family construct to the gender construct. The usual repertoire of the left-wing political theater includes the shouting of the thief, who, to distract, shouts loudly "Stop the thief." He prefers to point out those who are in his way. Two birds in one stroke. The jumble of the "constructs" and of the supposedly necessary "deconstruction" that drives parts of the humanities at universities follows this pattern. The only ones who really construct - namely arbitrarily and without reference to reality - are the representatives of the eternally subversive Left, whose goal is decomposition and destruction. Even and maybe just when they claim the exact opposite. And all  advocates of far rightists who think alike, but with the opposite symbol, should be reminded that they are actually Leftists. The difference between Left and Right is defined not only by objectives, but also by the means and methods used to achieve them. Those who use left-wing methods to achieve Rightist goals go astray.

Something crystallizes behind everything that has been said, the struggle against law and order. A struggle against the natural order that corresponds to the essence of things, especially the essence of man who not coincidentally appears in the apparent chaos of the universe. Anyone who has eyes to see will see an order everywhere and in everything, even suspect an impressive perfection. Christians are far ahead of others, even superior, because they have a higher level of knowledge. They know where others are in the dark and guess at puzzles. They don't have to make a fool of themselves and wait in vain for their whole life for any monkey to get out of the tree, or for an amoeba to make a "brainstorm", wherever it came from, to crawl out of the water as a beauty queen through a rapid evolutionary mutation . The Christian knows that everything that exists has been created and that perfection is inherent in everything created because God is perfect. Not chaos, but perfection. However, creation is disfigured by the Fall, which explains the ailments of humans, animals and nature as a whole. Equipped with this realism, a strong sense of reality, the Christian helps build the kingdom of God. It builds up and does not destroy, not even under the pretext of wanting to create something new, supposedly good through subversion, decomposition and violence - the same lie that ends in murder and manslaughter.

It is only logical that Church representatives today also become confused and participate in the disruptive struggle. The post-Counciliar period provides numerous, serious examples of this. Above all, the formation of the clergy suffered from the varied paradigm shifts and promoted a weakness in the intellect that has long been evident in the selection of bishops. In the German-speaking world, faithful Catholics know how to sing a funeral song. It is currently no different, for example in the hypocritical battle against  Communion on the tongue, which is raging under all kinds of excuses and pretexts. As an unmistakable indicator of decay, this includes the fact that Church representatives tender the political agenda of the powerful, instead of fulfilling this towards their mission mandate. Instead of calling for repentance to Christ, the trumpet is blown fore “ecological repentance.” Instead of promoting the worship of the Lord as the most sublime attitude and highest expression of reality and its recognition, bishops kneel before a criminal who has been constructed to be the Pseudo-Saint Floyd . Catholics do not know racism. Objectivity is beaten with the club of subjective conviction. This is pure ideology, even if it comes in the manner of a clerical disguise.

Pope Francis: Angelus in Corona Times. Pope Francis: Angelus in Corona Times.

No, the world does not need bishops and priests who worry about CO 2 as an expression of a Christ-free political agenda and kneel before criminals. The world needs, more than ever, bishops, priests and believers, seasoned men and women who are witnesses to reality and reason. It takes bishops, priests and laity who stand up to the chaos, which is always the expression of the διάβολος (diábolos, devil), the confusion, confuser and slanderer, like rocks in the surf, like unwavering lighthouses that save those who are in distress from drowning.

A Lighthouse

One such lighthouse is Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect of the Roman congregation for Worship and Order of the Sacraments. The purple bearer from Guinea is 75 years this last Tuesday. Currently a dangerous age in the Church. The bureaucratically justified age limit has been reached, the high dignitaries since Paul VI. are forced to offer the Pope their resignations. The appointment of Cardinal Sarah as Prefect of one of the nine Roman congregations, which have the highest rank among the dicasteries of the Roman Curia, is one of the "occupational accidents" of the current pontificate. Francis got rid of a Ratzingerian in the summer of 2014. He sent Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera back to Spain before the first family synod began. All dicasteries were ex officio synodal. It was no longer Cañizares.

Robert Cardinal Sarah

With the appointment of Cardinal Sarah as his successor, Francis wanted to integrate Black Africa into his pontificate. He would remain the only black raised to the highest curial level.

It has been speculated by some for some time now, and others have feared that Francis could use the cardinal's 75th birthday, who as a young bishop had to earn his spurs in the defense of the Church against a Marxist dictatorship, to emeritus. The next step is easy to foresee: the prefect post will be filled with a Bergoglian follower.

Cardinal Sarah has not been in office for six years, yet he spent most of it as a "prisoner" in his own dicastery. Pope Francis left him in office, but isolated him by confining the cardinal with a number of selected employees and not only ignoring but also publicly attacking Sarah, for example after his promotion in May 2016, to return to celebration of the Mass ad orientem (Facing Liturgical East). Since then, Sarah has no longer been welcomed by Francis to the routine individual audiences of the dicasterial leaders (not to be confused with the large audiences that are published in the daily bulletin of the Vatican press office). When Pope Francis made a massive encroachment on canon law with the Motu proprio Magnum principium in September 2017, by removing liturgical responsibilities from the Congregation for Worship and giving authority to the bishops' conferences (not the individual diocesan bishops) for liturgical translations into the vernacular languages, he passed over Cardinal Sarah as the responsible Prefect, as if he didn't even exist. The head of the Church instead used the number two of the Congregation, Msgr. Arthur Roche. Cardinal Sarah tried to intervene by using an interpretation key, making it clear that the Holy See remains the ultimate decision maker. But Francis immediately contradicted him.

Earlier this year, the Cardinal's latest book, which he shared with Benedict XVI. was published as a plea for celibate consecration to the priesthood and against efforts to eliminate celibacy and to defend the Sacrament of consecration, bringing Francis to an outburst of anger, the victims of which had been Archbishop Georg Gänswein as secretary of Benedict XVI. Behind the scenes, Santa Marta tried to prevent Benedict XVI. from appearing as co-author. The weight of the former pope far exceeds that of the cardinal. In addition, without the name of the German Pope, it would have been easier to discredit the Cardinal and with him, the book. In this predicament, Msgr. Gänswein attempted to square the circle by affirming that the parts attributed to Benedict XVI.  were 100 percent from him and represents his convictions. At the same time, he affirmed that Francis had not intervened against the book. It was not enough because Francis "the Merciful" did not achieve his goal: Gänswein was placed on leave as Prefect of the Pontifical House, so he was actually put out of the door. In this case too, Francis has since used his number two, Monsignor Leonardo Sapienza. Cardinal Sarah and Curial Archbishop Gänswein share a common destiny in this regard. Both are closely related to Benedict XVI., both still have their positions and titles formally, but cannot actually exercise their office.

How much the cardinal is gagged can currently be seen in the campaign to eradicate Communion on the tongue, which is taking place under the ridiculous pretext of allegedly fighting Coronavirus. The procedure, which is the same worldwide, does not allow any other conclusion than that the impetus came from Santa Marta. The state and ecclesiastical measures regarding the Corona virus produced a document that is likely to make history (see also Cardinal Sarah in this regard).

While in the past the Congregation for Worship defended Communion on the tongue in the past, most recently in connection with the so-called "swine flu", the H1N1 virus from 2009/2010 and categorically excluded it any form of refusal, nothing can be heard of it at the moment. The attack against oral Communion, which was also used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper, is more radical and relentless than ever.

A successor to Cardinal Sarah as Prefect of the Congregation only had to approve the negative example of an episcopal clericalism.

Black Lives Matter the other way around?

Francis, who rides every left wave, hurried to jump on the train of racist anti-racism from Black Lives Matter. Behind the slogan is an organization of the same name, initiated and financed in 2013 by the foundations of a handful of super-rich US citizens. The largest donor with at least $ 100 million so far is the Ford Foundation, the second largest with at least $ 35 million is George Soros. Black Lives Matter is not a "grass roots movement," but is wanted and controlled from above. "From above," does not mean the US government, but a private parallel empire of a few super-rich people and their foundations, around which other empires are grouped. The organizations are the private toys of these few, who mostly remain in the dark themselves, but - without facing democratic elections - want to exercise power and influence and buy them with their money to the detriment of the general public.

It is to be hoped that Pope Francis, as long as he rides the Black Lives Matter wave, cannot dismiss the only black Prefect of a Roman congregation. At least temporarily, due to the US presidential election on November 3, Cardinal Sarah could remain in office. Francis has a feel for the political left, which, the more radical it is, seems to him to be more sympathetic. He knows that the dismissal of a black cardinal at the height of anti-white racism could be directed against himself and also put him in the crossfire of racist anti-racists. The situation has become somewhat unpredictable, as radical forces have been let off the chain. An overzealous activist and journalist could quickly accuse the Pope of bullying a black man, since as a white man he is generally suspected of being a "racist." In the past, as the cases of Bishop Barros in Chile and Cardinal McCarrick in the United States show, Francis tried to go his own way as long as it was possible. However, he is highly sensitive to criticism from certain media, especially the New York Times, and varies his course.

Quite a few Catholics hope that Cardinal Sarah will keep the position of the Church as long as possible, despite all the restrictions. Some even see him as a “papabile” for a pontificate to clear away the fragments of Francis.

 Cardinal Robert Sarah with Benedict XVI in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: MiL / / Facebook (Screenhots)
Trans: Tancred



Catholic Mission said...


Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre made a mistake on Vatican Council II. He did not know that there was a Vatican Council II (Cushingite) and Vatican Council II (Feeneyite), the Council interpreted with a false premise and inference and one without it. The same mistake is made by Cardinal Robert Sarah.
The Lefebvris for over 50 years have been interpreting Vatican Council II with the irrational premise.So their conclusion is a rupture with Tradition. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith(CDF) does the same - and so does Cardinal Sarah and the Vatican Congregation for the Liturgy.
The popes from Paul VI to Francis had a choice and they chose the irrational option. All the books on Vatican Council II confuse what is invisible as visible to create the 'hermeneutic of rupture' with Tradition ( EENS, Syllabus of Errors etc).Cardinal Sarah does not write a book on this subject.

JUNE 18, 2020
St.Benedict Center Richmond N.H need to affirm in public Vatican Council II ( Feeneyite) by doing this they do not allow people to label them ultra traditionalist or schismatics

JUNE 18, 2020
CDF officially asks SBC to follow an error: victory for Americanists ( Graphics )

JUNE 18, 2020
The CDF error is supported by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, the Lefebvrists and Cardinal Walter Kasper and the liberals

Pico Della Mirandola said...

News break: University tests show that Lionel is not God after all.

Tancred said...

Newflash: Pico D believed in EENS, not Rahner's Anonymous Christian.

Catholic Mission said...


JUNE 19, 2020
Bishop McManus and Bro. Thomas Augustine do not affirm Vatican Council II without the false premise : canonical recognition is maintained (Graphics)

Anonymous said...

Lookin out!

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