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Old Photos of Political Stunt by Pope Recycled by BLM

Pope Francis kisses black people's shoes: Proof that Francis has submitted to Black Lives Matter? 
A clarification.

(Rome) In the US, old footage of Pope Francis is being displayed in a compromising pose and in order to prove that he supports the racist anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter is being handed around. What is true about this? A necessary correction.

Are the pictures real?

The pictures are real. These are documents from April 11, 2019. They show Pope Francis on his knees kissing the shoes of South Sudanese politicians. After the predominantly Christian South Sudan, inhabited by black African peoples, separated from the majority Muslim-Arab Sudan in 2011, was embroiled in a bloody tribal war that soon followed. It claimed about 200,000 lives between 2013 and 2018, leading to two million homeless and displaced people. It was a disaster of the greatest magnitude for a country of 13 million people.

Pope Francis invited the two main opponents of the civil war, President Salva Kiir and his former vice-president Riek Machar, to a spiritual retreat in Santa Marta and urged them to stick to the peace reached in 2018. The fact that both political leaders accepted the invitation and participated side by side in the retreat days was not only hopeful in Santa Marta. In fact, the day after meeting Pope Francis, a transitional government would be formed that still holds today.

Vice-Presidents-designate James Wani Igga, Taban Deng Gai and Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior and eight members of the country's Council of Churches also attended the retreat. The retreat was given by Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu in Uganda and Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, President of the Conference of Superiors General of Africa and MadagascarFrancis told South Sudanese leaders:

"Stop the hostilities, stay in peace. Peace is possible!"

Then something unusual happened. Pope Francis first offered a prayer, then threw himself on the floor in front of his opponents and kissed President Salva Kiir, Riek Machar and the vice president-elect. There was a great deal of embarrassment in the room. Undoubtedly a "strong gesture," as the media unanimously reported. "Everything for peace," the Vatican said, but the gesture irritated many.

Francis on his knees kissed the South Sudanese rulers' shoes

Does this have anything to do with Black Lives Matter?

No, the images have nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. Since May 25, 2020, kneeling down has only become the hallmark of Black Lives Matter, one of the many "civil society" political organizations run on a leash by the multibillion-dollar foundations by a handful of US super-rich to gain influence on public opinion and politics. The gesture is intended to mimic the attitude of the police officer blamed for the death of a habitual criminal and fentanyl addict named George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis during his arrest. The case is a matter for the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Black Lives Matter claims that it was a "racist act" by a uniformed white man against a black man [even though one of the arresting officers was black and the other Laotian], and even more so it is an expression of the structural violence of "the" whites against "blacks," a "white system" against the "black oppressed," the white "slave holder" against the black "slave." Slavery in cotton fields affected only the smaller part of today's USA and has been a thing of the past for more than 150 years. Forms of racial segregation introduced in a number of states in 1877 have also been abolished since 1948, 1954 and 1964 respectively.

The Marxist mindset behind Black Lives Matter is as unmistakable as the intention to carry division and discord into society, where racial and ethnic minorities have been privileged in some areas since the 1970s, and which already had a black president. Black Lives Matter bears the characteristics of a racist movement in the name of anti-racism. The goals published by the organization, whose main donors are the Ford Foundation and George Soros' Open Society Foundations, are undoubtedly on the Left, explicitly mentioning the disposal of the traditional family, which is the link to the abortion and gay lobby, two other major branches of the political agenda of the aforementioned foundations. In the course of the riots, there was also an alliance of action between Black Lives Matter and the violent "anti-fascist" Left, or Antifa for short. It's an alliance that reveals under-subterranous networks that urgently need attention should not be lost to the rule of law and control in an anarchist Left-wing terror.

Black Lives Matter's and Antifa's claims is refuted by the fact that the city of Minneapolis, where the tragic incident occurred, has been left-wing for decades and that the police chief is a black man. The specific case and possible culpable conduct of one or more police officers must be clarified. They do not justify the unrest, looting and acts of violence that have taken place since then in a state governed by the rule of law. The Black Lives Matter uprisings have already resulted in 25 deaths. So what does a human life count for George Floyd's self-proclaimed "avengers"?

The police, caught in the crossfire of a disproportionate criticism, only perform more service in some US cities according to regulations and have withdrawn completely from some districts in protest against the hostility and the lack of support from Left-wing city governments. In Chicago alone, 900 more people are said to have died than usual in the first two weeks after Floyd's death, 80 percent of whom were black people killed by blacks, according to Harvard professor Roland Gerhard Fryer, himself a black man..
The criminal George Floyd was elevated by Black Lives Matter to a "saint", which he certainly does not do, and buried in a golden coffin.

But Pope Francis' "strong" but by no means uncontroversial gesture of May 11, 2019, has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter and its racist pseudo-cult.

Does Pope Francis support Black Lives Matter?

Yes, Pope Francis supports Black Lives Matter, though not directly. That is why last year's photographs are a good idea to put into the picture Pope Francis' support for this radical movement. His support is indeed there. Pope Francis is urging the U.S. Church to jump on the bandwagon of Black Lives Matter. As desired, especially pastors, who are particularly close to Francis and are rarely or not at all visible at events of the Life-Rights movement, when it comes to making it clear that every life counts, regardless of race or other distinguishing features. The most blatant gesture to date was made by Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, who publicly performed the "Black Lives Matter" knee bend. It was a gesture that outraged many Catholics in the United States, because a prince of the Church should only kneel before the Blessed Sacrament. [Many won't do that.]

Pope Francis informed Monsignor Seitz on June10 that he found his gesture great and very much supported it. In doing so, the head of the Church made it clear on which side of the barricades he stands. The consequences were immediately apparent in California, a state that has been Left-dominated since the late 1980s.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter riots, a media storm is taking place, which is also directed against the Catholic Church. Statues of the "Apostle of California", St. Juniperio Serra OFM, are being removed, forcibly or by precipitous obedience, as Church leaders capitulate to the extreme left. Until now, only a lukewarm "defense" of the saint has been mounted, who had opened up California for civilization, could be heard from the bishops. Today, however, this no longer counts when it comes to vociferous extremists who are covered and protected by the moderate left at the political level and unabashedly sympathetic media. The agitation is primarily aimed at preventing the re-election of President Donald Trump.

Bishop Mark Seitz as Black Lives Matter activist reaped the praise of Pope Francis

The Pope's Gestures

Pope Francis' surprising and unusual gesture of 11 May 2019 provided the definitive template for the current troublemakers, as they appear in European cities. They can see the papal kneeling and kissing of politicians' shoes as confirmation of their support. A support that was actually expressed by Francis. It is therefore not surprising that circles that oppose Black Lives Matter also resort to these images. However, if they conceal the facts, they make themselves vulnerable as spreaders of false news, so-called "fake news".

The Pope's gesture to the South Sudanese leaders was also glaring because Pope Francis rarely kneels, at least never during the Consecration, where the rubrics of the Missale Romanum, the mandatory instructions for the execution of cults, prescribe adoring genuflection.

This [selective]  "knee weakness" in the most central moments of the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was never really explained by the Vatican. Even before the suspended Blessed Sacrament, Francis does not kneel, as was visible and transmitted to the world at the end of March in the course of his prayer vigil for the end of the Coronavirus epidemic.

When Francis kneels, with rare exceptions, it is only in the context of irritating and controversial gestures. This leads to considerable discomfort among Catholics, but not only among them, especially since Rome does not provide adequate interpretation. This includes the fact that a pope would have a role model in everything, which is why he should not kneel before a mortal, either in a humble or theatrical manner, neither before a white man, nor before a black man, nor before anyone else.

Controversial gestures can have late consequences, as the example shows. Once again, Francis underlined his urge to connect with the agenda of the political Left.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: Avvenire/AP/MiL (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred



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