Thursday, June 20, 2019

Gay Pride Month: Basilian Plagiarist and Homophile Fired

Basilian Priest and Vatican advisor Thomas Rosica now also had to resign as CEO of "Salt + Light" due to his plagiarism affair - putting the Vatican under pressure to remove the scandal pater as a media consultant

Edit: more vindication for Vox Cantoris.
Toronto ( Vatican advisor Father Thomas Rosica (photo) now faces further, grave consequences from his plagiarism scandal. After a few weeks ago, the Canadian Salt + Light website has already removed more than 1,000 articles and contributions from Rosica, and the controversial Basilian priest has now resigned as CEO of the media group.

Previously, the Canadian newspaper "The Globe and Mail" had already announced that in the future Rosica's posts would no longer be published because the priest did not meet the standards of the newspaper. Also numerous other media had to delete quite a few posts from Rosica.

With the resignation as CEO of the Salt Light Media Group, the pressure on the Vatican to remove Rosica as official media consultant is likely to increase.

Trans: Tancred

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