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Modernist Austrian Bishop Issues Deadly “Rainbow Pastoral”

From kreuznet Friday, October 5, 2018
Keyword: deadly sins

The underpants pastoral of the Vorarlberg Bishop Elbs

The Catholic Church currently seems to be preoccupied with one issue: homosexuality and homosexual abuse of boys.

The urge of the Austrian Modernist Church for homosexual connections is incalculable [Photo: Ausriß Katholische Kirche Vorarlberg]

Cardinal Schönborn's ambiguous blessing at gay dinner

The AIDS-infected AIDS Ball organizer Keszler announced after a meeting with Bishop Elbs, the "Cardinal von Stützenhofen" had blessed his (according to Church doctrine) unlawful union.

Cardinal Schönborn had this denied by his press spokesman: It was just a blessing for the homosexual Lucculus Friends [he was a great Roman politician and general who held lavish, or lucculan, banquets], without prejudice.

Obligatory gay dinners for bishops of the Austrian church province?

Being trained in Schönbornese,  one noticed the accompanying circumstances of Keszler's statement: In the course of a meeting with Bishop Elbs this was done - and asks himself immediately, if there was such a thing as a compulsory meal with model gay couples for bishops? Maybe even as a kind of penance?

It was not until the beginning of September 2018 that Bishop Elbs called the AIDS ballerino to a "W'Ortwechsel" [lit. Exchange of words] about "fear or love".

Of course, it was again about the tiresome topic of homosexual relationships.

The "Rainbow Pastoral" of the Catholic Church of Vorarlberg

In 2015, Bishop Elbs had apparently realized that homosexuals should not be treated like normal believers and had specifically started a "rainbow pastoral". As a bishop. Personally.

Does Bishop Elbs believe - without being slippery - Homos looking for a different way to God than the  sexually normal Christian?

Or does the special treatment result from the grave sins that have been committed, just as there is a prison ministry among imprisoned criminals?

But not "deadly pastoral"

The advertising term "rainbow pastoral" could have come from a gay advertising group, but sounds more charming than what you should call it (perhaps more appropriately) "deadly sin pastoral" or similarly (practiced homosexuality is according to Catholic doctrine, counted among outrageous sins or mortal sins).

For in these times of the Social Justice Pope, one always wants to avoid unequivocal statements if the doctrine of Christ once again contradicts the currently ruling Zeitgeist of 1789.

"Compulsory celibacy is a disaster!"

What can one expect from homosexual pastoral care? Is it an attempt to explain to homos the Catholic classification of their actions as a grave sin and to lead them to conversion l, to a Christian life?

Not even close. Here the reverse path is taken: Homos are allowed to spread their demands to the Church in the Church. For example, two homosexual partners who had to leave a religious order because they lived out their homosexuality. Now they are Protestant workers (pastors), partnered and spread in the course of a discussion in the House of Education St. Arbogast strange nonsense such as: 

"Mandatory celibacy is a disaster" - for Homos (and only for them) may even be true.

They are presented on the website of the Catholic Church Vorarlberg as "Pastorenhepaar" [Married Pastoral Couple] (sic!)

What is family for Bishop Elbs?

In a conversation with the "Presse" (December 23, 2016), Bishop Elbs defines family as "a place where people grow up, mature, become strong, where they learn what they need to live. Many surveys confirm that. Of course, family is also where people decide to live together. The Christian image of family goes beyond that. I see the term family as a place of longing where people experience security.”

When asked whether this also applies to homosexuals (even the "Presse” under the Styria-Diktat has a favorite subject), 

Elbs replied: "Yes"

Why does Elbs hide the Catholic view of family?

Bishop Elbs, who with Cardinal Schönborn has thwarted the more tradition-conscious family bishop Küng as the representative of the Church in Austria during the last synod on the family, has deliberately concealed the Catholic image of the family. That is an image that is completely without homosexual fantasies.

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