Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Courageous Monk Preaching to Heretics in Scotland -- Black Hermits

Edit: this is a truly amazing and authentic Christian witness in one of the darkest places in the earth. Someone in Scotland must be doing some powerful prayer to be fortunate enough to have such apostles in their midst. At one point, they were being thrown out of their housing, because of their "anti-gay" views as of 2015.  They appear to be absolutely fearless.

AN anti-gay Catholic monk sparked an unholy row when he barged his way into a church service screaming: “This is a synagogue of sin.”
Fanatical Damon Kelly, who leads a bizarre sect known as the Black Hermits, claimed he was “doing God’s work” by disrupting the Sunday prayers at two churches in Argyllshire.

Damon Kelly stormed into two churches shocking worshippers as he ranted he was doing “God’s work”

And yesterday as he appeared at Dunoon Sheriff Court the 54-year-old dodged jail as he ARGUED with a sheriff in the dock.
The court heard how the 54-year-old who was staying at a hotel in the town charged into St John’s Presbyterian Church dressed in black robes shouting and ranting in front of shocked churchgoers, the town’s sheriff court.
Then hours later he caused another rammy as Church of Scotland parishioners at a kirk in nearby Kirn were worshipping.


Geremia said...

I've thought about doing this in Novus Ordo "masses".

Anonymous said...

Reading Church History texts I think it was Duffy it related a stunning story about the Scots in the early Middle Ages. If a Priest celebrated Holy Sacrifice of the Mass incorrectly or his Latin was sloppy they were known to beat up the Priest after Mass.

PaxTecum57 said...

I don't think its a good idea to disrupt a religious service but I'm glad he did. My parish has had disruptions like that before. Once at daily Mass some youths opened the doors of the Church and started yelling out profanities. Our parish priest got angry with us for not chasing them and giving them a beating. Several times men and woman have come in and interrupted the Mass yelling anti-Catholic blasphemies. Across the street there is a public park, some anti-Catholic groups would have loudspeakers and were proclaiming the Catholic Church as being diabolical. I do admire what this guy did but I question if it should become an acceptable practice.

Geremia said...

Yeah, there's a difference between rebuking à la St. John the Baptist and being a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

If something like this would be ill-received (as it actually was), I just don't think it's prudent.

Now, if I were faced with imminent martyrdom, then my witness to the truth would be explicit. Think of the French priest martyr killed by ISIS. Do you think he was going around telling Muslims that their religion was inspired by Satan? No, but, when he was about to be martyred, he said, "Get away, Satan" to the terrorist.

Some more info on the "Black Hermits":

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, I hadn't heard that story before. It's also a testament to how seriously the Scots formerly took their Faith. How far they have fallen now.

Anonymous said...

Can you possibly give me a link about the Scots in the early middle ages?

Anonymous said...

These Monks need to join a traditional order.
I know there are traditional chapels in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Yes, heaven forbid Catholics do what our Lord said and go out and preach the word.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about walking around my city praying the holy rosary on weekends.
Would be nice if catholics (traditional or novus ordo parishoners)would join me and meet up every Saturday
Not being rude but I would discourage any cleric joining us at this point for different reasons.
Anyone think this is a decent idea?

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