Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Voris Joins the Chorus -- Church Militant Criticizes Pope

Edit: a disgrace to the Chair of Peter?  Wow!  Has there been an apology to John Vennari, Catholic Family News, the Angelus, Rorate Caeli or others who've been legitimately critical of this pope in the past?

To our knowledge they didn't apologize about the SSPX, either.

We have to say, going after these groups doesn't seem to have hurt them much.

[ChurchMilitant] At exactly 4:49 p.m. Rome time, February 12,1931, a remarkable thing happened. For the first time in history, a mass audience actually was able to audibly hear with their own ears the actual voice of the Holy Father — less than a hundred years ago in a 2000-year-old Church. The very first radio broadcast, invented by Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, went out over the airwaves with the voice coming from the mouth of Pope Pius XI. Things were about to change forever.  

Fifty years earlier in 1870, the Church had officially announced the dogma of papal infallibility at Vatican I. The dogmatic announcement was a source of some concern — and not just by enemies of the Church.

Before he died 20 years after Vatican I and 30 years before that first radio broadcast, Bd. John Henry Newman looked down the road and worried that regular Catholics would misconstrue the dogmatic pronouncement and begin to assign, in their minds, an authority to the Pope that he does not possess: common infallibility.



Anonymous said...

I think your headline is misleading. I watched this Church Militant episode. It was,as usual, respectful of the papacy and of the pope. I was surprised at just how much this was the case, given the pope's recent ramblings on morals. Church Militant could hardly ignore the story given its remit. I found that Church Militant helped me to try to be charitable about the pope and have a proper understanding of the office.

Tancred said...

Up until now their editorial position and starting point of criticism for other writers and publications has been that ANY criticism of the pope is sinful. Maybe it's only OK when they do it?

Anonymous said...

Tancred, the episode does not criticise the pope. I urge anyone who doesn't believe this to watch it themselves. It largely criticises the press and Catholics who hang on to the pope's every word as if it's magisterial. Church Militant are still maintaining the position you reference from The Remnant that they do not publicly criticise the pope. You are accusing falsely and CMTV are doing a good job of keeping us from becoming sedevacantist! Watch the episode everyone. Make up your own mind. And no, I don't work for CMTV.

Tancred said...

Looks like criticism to me. I guess it must be a new kind of ninja criticism you people engage in, like the kind where you think you're invisible but everyone can see you anyway. I do think there's a name for that!

Tancred said...

And be so kind as to apologize about the SSPX, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tancred, is that me (anonymous above) to apologise to SSPX, or Voris? or 'you people' For what? I guess that's a separate issue.

I still don't see the criticism of the pope you're referencing (not even ninja)- if you saw me you'd laugh at that idea! Who are 'you people'? and what are you talking about ' the kind where you think you're invisible but everyone can see you anyway.' And what do you mean by 'I do think there's a name for that!' Nope nothing to see here. No criticism of the pope.

Hank Elgin said...

I saw the "Church Militant" episode that this article is referring.
I see C.M. is starting to engage in the same attitude toward this Pope as the insufferable Father Z. constantly does.
It is a passive-aggressive ( some would say chicken-hearted ) attempt to say, "We really do not like this Pope or the things that he says, but our financial backers are forbidding us to come out and say it or else we will all be sacking chicken at "Popeyes" ".
My compliments to Tancred for having the courage to say what is on his mind without mincing around the issues like M.V or Father Z.

Tancred said...

That may be so, but even the usual suspects, include Lawler, can't ignore the damage this pope is doing now.