Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pope Names Cardinals Burke and Caffarra as Members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

Cardinals Burke and Caffarra
(Rome) Pope Francis appointed the Archbishop Carlo Cardinal Caffarra of Bologna and Cardinal Raymond Burke Patron of the Order of Malta last Saturday during his US visit as  members of the Congregation of Saints.
Both cardinals are considered enemies of the "New Mercy" and have come forward with a view to the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family to speak in active  defense of Catholic marriage and morality.
Both belong to the five cardinals, who caused a sensation in the past year throughout the Church with the book "Remain in the Truth of Christ."
Cardinal Burke was recognized as the de facto spokesman in the Synod of Bishops 2014   against the proposal by Cardinal Walter Kasper, who wanted to allow so-called remarried divorcees to the sacraments. The same applies to the attempt to recognize aberrosexuality.
After the election of Pope Francis, the US Cardinal had become among the most outspoken critics of the reigning pope, who publicly voiced his  respectful and relevant opposition.

Adversary of the "Nw Mercy" and an imprecise, ambiguous language

The clash took place mainly at the "non-negotiable values" (Benedict XVI.). The Cardinal,  well-known for his precise thinking  also came into conflict with Pope Francis because of vague and ambiguous formulations. 
It's an attitude that did not sit well with Pope Francis. Shortly after the conclusion of the Synod of Bishops, the Argentine Pope removed the renowned canon lawyer as prefect of the Apostolic Signatura and removed him from the Roman Curia.
Cardinal Burke will, therefore, not participate in the beginning on 4 October Synod of Bishops.
Previously, the Pope had not confirmed   Burke's membership in the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for Divine Worship.
The situation is different for Cardinal Caffarra. The profiled Italian shepherd enjoys the confidence of Pope Francis, so it is said in Rome. Like last year, Cardinal Francis had  named Caffara personally to synod. Caffarra is one of the weightiest voices against  gender ideology.
For Cardinal Caffarra this is the first appointment to the General Assembly of a Roman Congregation. Previously, he was already a member of the Pontifical Family Council.
Congregation is not the same as Congregation. Each has its tasks, which have some weighty influence on the management of world church than others. The reassignment from one congregation to another, as in the case of Cardinal Burke, can therefore be seen as diesempowering, while maintaining integration.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: synodonfamilyes
Trans:Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


JEFF KLUMP said...

Sadly, this is just another meaningless post. Cardinal Burke will not be at the Synod Part II, as he needs to be. This should, however, block any attempts to make the horrific pope paul the 6th a saint. that said, the synod is where Burke needs to be to block any changes that paul the 6th had started 50 years ago.

JEFF KLUMP said...

I do want to thank the author/owner of Eponymous Flower. EF is one of the few Catholic blogs that believes in the first amendment. Rorate Caeli, Mundabor, Lifesite News, Michael Voris, and national catholic register,and father z, continue to censor anything they do not like or agree with, on their blogs. So much for the Constitution. The remnant Newspaper and Louie Verrichio are also big believers in the first amendment, and have never censored me for anything.

Robbie said...

The appointment of Cardinal Burke suggests two things to me. First, Bergoglio realized the bad optics of leaving such a high profile Cardinal with nothing to do so he named to a congregation for which he likely has little use. After all, Bergoglio has already shown, with the canonizations of John XXIII and John Paul II, that he will go around the normal conventions.

Second, I suspect Bergoglio thinks, in retrospect, is was not the right move to leave Burke with so much time to travel, speak, and network. In effect, Bergoglio has allowed Burke to travel the world and essentially become known as the anti-Francis and the leader of the Church in exile. The last thing Francis wants is an authentic Catholic voice rally the troops against him.

Tancred said...

I don't believe in the first amendment, but I do believe that men of good will make mistakes, and are entitled to voice their opinions at least here.

JEFF KLUMP said...

Tancred, I am sorry to hear that. The 1st amendment in the USA is the most important of all amendments in the constitution. The 1st amendment is being destroyed by political correctness and the gay mafia.

Anonymous said...

Promoveantur ut amoveantur.......it's always the same story.....God bless+

Unknown said...

Couldn't Francis just canonize Paul VI all on his own? Isn't that what he did with John XXIII without even requiring a miracle? He even made Gregory of Narek who wasn't even Catholic a doctor of the Church.


Tancred said...

We just don't have the right men running things is all.

susan said...

careful Tancred...."JEFF" is probably just another nom-de-schizo of gabriel's; he's trying to butter you up....that clown wouldn't know good-will if it bit him in the ...ear. I think the list of admirables he mentions above must have plenty good reason (and show good judgment) in keeping the poofter's psycho-contentious blather off their good work.

JEFF KLUMP said...

Hey Sue, Baby, at least I use my last name. I'd give you my cell phone number to prove it, but, then you would hear a list of profanities directed at you, if you dared to call me. Gabriel is a great arc-angel. That is the only Gabriel I know of.

JEFF KLUMP said...

We have new information on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI from Italian journalist Maurizio Blondet. Blondet claims, Benedict was forced to resign because the Vatican and the Vatican bank, were blocked from the SWIFT payment system. All western countries and many eastern countries are included in the SWIFT payment system, which is a worldwide clearinghouse for banks, controlled by the BIS(Bank of International Settlements) in Switzerland. The Vatican Bank was blocked by someone at SWIFT, which means no one, including diocese worldwide, could access any money, including ATM's. Someone at SWIFT kicked out the Vatican Bank, unless or until Benedict stepped down. Blondet also asserts that his resignation speech was prepared for him, which would account for the numerous errors in Latin. Once the world was told that Benedict was resigning, the Vatican banks "status" regarding the SWIFT system, was back online.

susan said...

Cool your ire my friend....gabriel is a major-league dissident troll who goes under various names and is a vulgarian of the first degree. He is no doubt regularly banned by the names you listed, so my antennae went up. If you're not he, but a decent man of good-will, my apologies; and quite frankly if you're not he, no need to take offense as the statement was about him. There's too much garbage in the air for good guys to be at each other's throats...no need to jump to profanities on the phone.

Ben said...
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Gabriel said...
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Anonymous said...

I confess I know of the intrigues of international banking. But Klump's comment above about why Benedict resigned seems very strange and far-fetched. I do think Benedict was forced to resign, but for much higher stakes than monetary issues. To me all seems to indicate that his efforts at restoring to some extent tradition---feeble, half-hearted and pusillanimous though they were---were simply intolerable to the machiavels of the new religion (whether Modernist or global new world order, I do not know). Even Benedict's wimpish steps were too much for these ageing, obdurate and faithless traitors to the Catholic Church. So they had to elect one of their own, with the express mission of destroying Catholic doctrine now that Catholic liturgy (with glorious exceptions) is largely destroyed. It is a gradual process of demolition, and Francis is the right man for the job. May God have mercy on us all. Archimago

Tancred said...

Is anyone who describes Pope Benedict's efforts as feeble, anemic or whatever, actually have much knowledge of what he did do?

Unknown said...

Well maybe Burke can keep Paul VI from being canonized. I'm sure Frank would like
nothing better than to give us a sodomite saint.

Seattle kim

susan said...

and "martin", you are an ass.

"In the early 1950’s, Fr. Villa was informed by Padre Pio that he had been personally chosen by our Lord to “defend the Church of Christ from the work of Freemasonry, especially the ecclesiastical Freemasonry”. (1) Padre Pio discussed this divine mission with Fr. Villa in three separate meetings that occurred over the course of fifteen years. This mission was approved by Pius XII, who provided Fr. Villa with a Papal Mandate to carry out the work. During a meeting with Padre Pio that took place in 1963, the Saint said to Fr. Villa: “Courage, courage, courage! For the Church is already invaded by Freemasonry”, and then said: “Freemasonry has already reached the Pope’s slippers”. (2)

In responding to the call of Cardinal Ruini, Fr. Villa said he spent more than a decade going through “no less than 30,000 pages of encyclicals, speeches, Conciliar documents, historical journals, commentaries and magazines of all kinds, in order to gather an overview adequate enough to weigh up the Pontificate” of Paul VI. (Pg 8) This research resulted in a monumental work containing devastating evidence against the orthodoxy of Paul VI, which brought the process of beatification to a screeching halt. The information first appeared in book form, in 1998, under the title "Paul VI Beatified?""

read more.... http://www.cfnews.org/page10/page83/paul_vi_beatified.html

and this.... http://ourladyofgoodsuccess.com/frames-3-4-2005/chiesa-viva/PaulVIbeatified-randyengel%5B1%5D.pdf

and the whole enchilada... http://chiesaviva.com/paoloVI%20beatoin.pdf

For those of you who haven't read it, it is an eye-opening, painstakingly researched read, worth every second of time spent. The 'martins' of the world will fight tooth-and-nail against this info getting wide-spread exposure because it exposes them....and they hate the Light.

Anonymous said...

Many of us do have quite a bit of knowledge of what Benedict did do as well as what he did not do and of what, with more courage, he could have done: he chose the despicable Wuerl as archbishop of perhaps the most prestigious see in America; he chose the buffoon Dolan to one of the most important and populous sees in America; he left the heretic Mahoney to wreak havoc in Los Angeles; he named the dubious Levada to the most important post formerly known as the Holy Office; he named the modernist Wuerl as the liaison with the newly established Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, an influence that has been less than salutary---all of this in the US alone. He did do some excellent things and had some good appointments for which we are grateful, but in the end he did what at the start of his pontificate he prayed he would not do: run away from the wolves. I have always liked Benedict, and still do, and consider him a good man in many ways; but that he allowed himself to be intimidated rather than suffer at the helm is incontrovertible. So yes, those of us who see his feebleness (not of body---clearly, time has proven he was not so physically feeble as his ostensible reason for resigning was meant to suggest) do know quite a bit about what he did---and also what he failed to do, and the catastrophic consequences that have followed in the past two years. It is a tragedy (personal and ecclesiastical) that his great work in safeguarding doctrinal orthodoxy and limited attempts to restore liturgical sanity were not accompanied by the requisite fortitude in these times of crisis, when the Vicar of Christ, above anyone else, should be ready to shed his blood in defense of the Truth and of the flock Christ has entrusted to him, if need be. Archimago

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